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Dominique Paulse

Married on Mar 18, 2017 in Western Cape

Our Wedding Day

On 18 March 2017 me and my husband, Charlin started our new life together. It was nearly perfect.

Our ceremony started at 15H00 at my church, Holy Trinity Paarl where we before God, family and guests tide the knot. We had 3 bridesmaids with 3 groomsmen, 1 paige boy and 1 confetti girl.

Our reception followed at Simondium Country Lodge. Beautiful setting for photoshoots and the lovely vibe just made the day extra special.

Our day was one fairytale i could never forget. There is not one thing i wish i could do better and i dont regret anything that happened on that day!


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How did your love story begin?


My primary school years, i was a Drum Majorette from Grade 1 right through to Matric. In Grade 6, our Drummie team travelled to Durban to compete at the National Championships. Charlin went with as his little sister was also a drummie at our team. We knew each other from when i was in Grade 1. We started enjoying playing around as kids and that is when we started to get to know each other. June 22, 2009 we started dating. Through ups and downs we managed to keep our relationship strong. We had a long distance relationship started in 2010 when he went to Bloemfontein to further his Rugby career. Still we seem to go strong.

Tell us all about the proposal.


May 16, 2015, Just finished my hair as Charlin said he was going to come fetch me for a nice evening with our friends as my birthday was the next day. It became 22H00 at night and have not heard anything from him as his phone was off and i went to bed disappointed.

May 17, 2015 (My Birth Date) at 00H11 i woke up from loud knocks on our front door. It was one of his best friends saying Charlin was not himself and he didn't wanted to speak to anyone besides me. They asked me to come out and talk to him. With pajamas i went out seeing him standing accross our house in the middle of the open field and his 3 friends standing by the car saying i need to go to him. Confused and frustrated i approach closely to him as i heard my favourite song playing and Charlin going on one knee and made me the luckiest woman ever!

Magical Moments


March 18, 2017 when i woke up and got that feeling that my whole life is about to change.

When i was finish dressed my dressmaker opened the door and i saw my Dad standing there with tears in his eyes.

The feeling of seeing my husband to be in church for the first time, priceless.

When we vowed to each other wás like nothing else matters.

The celebration with our family and friends was the best ever.

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The Venue

Simondium's Country Lodge

Simondium's Country Lodge

The charm of yesterday... the comfort and convenience of today.

Wedding Services Used

Simondium's Country Lodge

Simondium's Country Lodge

The charm of yesterday... the comfort and convenience of today.

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To-Nett’s Flowers, Décor & Hiring

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