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Chantelle Slabbert

Married on Mar 18, 2017 in Kwa-Zulu Natal

I just move to his town with my move I got a flat Tyre went to the Tyre place where he was visiting he's buddy so he came over interdused himself and asked for my number at that stage I was not really keen on dating we chatted and kept in touch till one day he stoped sms me so I asked him why so quite he said that he been trying 2 moths so if I want to see him ill come out with him I did that we went out and our love story just started off.... never looked back


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Tell us all about the proposal.


He asked me to arrange a house warming for his new house he moved into I went and invited every one I can think of he went behind my back and told some that he is going to pop the question so the night came a lot of people pitched so we started having fun and my mom kept on telling me we have to start with speech and she got champagne so we went out and my boyfriend started welcoming and thanking everybody for coming and suddenly said I must say few words so I stated thanking everybody so everyone started taking video and photos as I turned around my boyfriend stood their saying how much I meant and that I picked all the ice if his heart but he wanted me to take the last bid of ice off as he moved away their was one solid block of ice huge and one ice cut into a heart and a lot of candles he handed me a ice pic and said I must pic through the ice to find our my present so I started after a few slams got to piece of foil opened it and got to a ring he went on he's knee and asked me to marry him best and most romantic thing ever. it happened on 18/03/2016 and we got married 1 year after 18/03/2017

Magical Moments


Every moment was amazing but he's vows that he written to me personally was amazing!!!!!

The Honeymoon


I have never been to Mozam so he took me for 10 day to Mozambique and 2 day to Hluhluwe imfolozi amazing memories

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Loved my wedding dress bling and funky had cowboy boots on and country hairstyle with natural make up.

The Venue

Ivala Lodge out on Muden Road Amazing Country style Barn.and their was accommodation for guest as well.

Wedding Elements

It was a real country cowboy western wedding theme with hessian sunflowers wheat and wooden disks lanterns stall ect amazing fun fair feeling.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Jeans boots andwhite long shirt with waist coats they looked amazing.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

they had wraped dresses high low cut with cowboy boots and sunflowers was awsome

Wedding Stationery

Me myself and I

The Reception and Entertainment

we had a dj was Dj Rob local guy was amazing was really a wedding to remember wouldn't change a thing was amazing and all people that helped me and was there for us thanks to families and friendz