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Carla Muthala

Married on Mar 10, 2017 in Gauteng

Magnificent tale of Red & Brown

It all started in the kitchen, as love tends to.

April 2016 Lufuno was transferred from CRC (Christian Revival Church) BFN to CRC PTA, where I work. I only heard great things about him but never knew the guy behind the bass, he was new and I was awesome so I made it my mission to make sure he fits in and feels at home, so I forced him to greet me and become my friend… our first official encounter was in our office kitchen... I made a remark about his features similar to taylor swift he denied it, we became FB friends and so we fell in love…

We spent more time together than even most couples do as "just friends". I tried everything and used every single excuse to be around Carla as much as I possibly could. One thing led to another and we started watching movies together, eating out together and driving to random places together. Thats when our non official dates began.

We had numerous of these “non official dates”, without me knowing she became my best friend. We just couldn't stop talking, laughing, spending time together. She took me to eat Indian food (which I’d never had), showed me around Pretoria’s finest restaurants (which were awesome) and shared with me some of her coolest movies. On one of our non official dates, which is probably the most important non official date we've ever had (the 1st of July 2016) we bonded over “The Office”, a few episodes into it we held hands and we never let go, it felt like the most comfortable place my hand had ever been. The warmth of her hands somehow warmed my heart too, I knew this is where I wanted to be... without saying a word we just watched series for hours holding hands.

Saying goodbye that day felt like I was leaving something I’d loved forever for the longest time. And that night was the longest night I’d ever had. The next day we made the greatest decision ever. We decided we would want to live our lives together. And thats when we became official.


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