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Belinda Forbes

Married on Mar 11, 2017 in Mpumalanga


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How did your love story begin?


We have known of each other , but officially met through a group of friends in December 2013. Soon after we went on holiday with a group of friends to Tofu in Mocambique , where we shared our first "I love you's " at the beach on New Years Eve.

Tell us all about the proposal.


He proposed on a mountain top.

This wasn't just the spot where we shared our first kiss , a year prior to the proposal , I went to this same spot asking the Lord for guidance in my life.I don't think all this is just coinsadance :)

Magical Moments


There are plenty memorable moments and highlights , for myself , the intense emotions of joy and tears between my Dad and I when walking down the aisle , and our father daughter dance on "Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman" are moments that will forever be engraved in my heart.

The Honeymoon


No , we have not yet gone on Honeymoon. Thailand is still waiting :)

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I had a very soft classical look.
My wedding gown had a gold underlining , covered with the most beautiful lace.

I am very fortunate , 2 of my bridesmaids are in the beauty industry, one did my nails and the other my make up , a very dear friend of mine is a hair dresser/ stylist.

All of them know me so so well, it made it easy for them to do my make up , hair and nails based on my personality , I wanted to feel like a princess but not loose the real me , or look too different to my husband or any of our guests that shared our special day with us. I still wanted to be ME with capital letters! I chose to keep it plain and simple yet strikingly feminine. My beauty team :) lets call them that , knew exactly how to help me be ME , with a touch of pretty!

I wore pearl drop earnings , a pearl necklace that i received as a gift from y Mom , I wore pearl bracelet that one of my brides maids bought me as a Xmas present a few years earlier. - i did not need any other accessories.

I chose to wear Olga Bolga Jelly Shoes (same as my bridesmaids) because they are pretty - comfy.

My lingerie was chosen by one of my brides maids , but was a gift from the Groom :)

The Venue

We got married in Wakkerstroom , a small town situated close to Mapumalanga. The Ceremony was held in the beautiful NG Church, this church was build just over 150 years ago and had a warm historical feel to it. It was lovely. The ceremony took place at the breathtaking Bezalel Venue , Bezalel means 'under God's protection'.

Every single guest traveled from far to be apart of our fantastic celebration , and stayed over in Wakkerstoom.
We had a get together the night prior to the wedding , here , everyone joined for dinner , drinks and laughter.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I am a big fan of keeping things simple ( not overly simplistic in substance). It is more about reducing the clutter and noise, so I can do less and get more from it.

“Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity.” ~ Plato

Surely , as every other bride - there were a few freaking out moments - not many of them though :)

I enjoy Salsa ALLOT , I kept fit by going to Salsa classes , or practicing dance moves i see on TV behind the couch , or in the kitchen. I thoroughly enjoyed our private dance lessons for the wedding , this was great fun and good for the soul!!!
I don't wear lot's of make-up , I have always tried take good care of myself. I did nothing out of the ordinary; I was just being me.

Wedding Elements

The decor was uncomplicated , the Setup of the Venue already had a warm feel to it ,it really was stupendous and did not need much more to make it feel or look like a fantacy!!

We had single Gerberas in little glass vases in every colour you can think of , this looked magical! We softened the crazy colour combinations by adding allot of white to the setup , candles , fairy lights ,lanterns and lace.

All the elements together were fun-loving and mischievous!!!

Our guests were awesome and made the atmosphere phenomenal!!!

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The Groom looked charming as ever , in a navy blue suite , with a tie that matched my gold/Avery colored gown. The Groomsmen also had navy blue suits , their ties matched with the Brides Maids soft pink tutus.The suits were rented from "Suite Yourself" in Durban and the Accessories and shoes were from Woolworth's.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

The Brides Maids were dressed very playful , they wore soft pink tutus and white tops made by ______ They wore coulerfull wooden beads around their necks , small wooden studs in the shapes of a little man and a little lady, this was a gift from "Jessable's Hand Made Jewelry" in Pretoria North. They wore Olga Bolga Jelly Shoes , in a shade of pink , which we bought from "The Maiden" in Centurion.

My Captured Moments

Donovan Roets Photography.

The Wedding Planner

Everything was planned and coordinated with the help of family and friends. The staff from the venue also assisted with coordination on the day.

Wedding Transport

Hahaha , a two door Land Cruiser.

The Bridal Party High Jacked the Photographers little yellow "Peugeot 107 " to get to the Venue whilst me and the groom were still busy with photos, it was to funny. The little yellow car looked like a minion who ate too many cupcakes with the girls tutus sticking out the windows :) :) :)

Food & Cake

Food was catered for by the Venue , it was divine. The Cake was made by Cupcake Cutie , based in Pretoria.

Wedding Stationery

My Dad did the designs and printing.

The Reception and Entertainment

Yes , we had dance lessons choreographed with some line dancing. Allot of fun! Sound and lighting was done by "Wolfie Musiek" - who was also the DJ. We also had a Swazi Soul Artist " Bholoja " who entertained the guests whilst they were waiting on our grand entrance.

Wedding Services Used