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Angelique Marais

Married on Mar 18, 2017 in Northern Cape


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He arranged a "Date night" because that previous 2 weeks were both so busy with work and helping out at the farm that we felt we needed some alone time again. The whole evening was a surprise for me, I just got the message to be ready at 6pm. He came to pick me up and blindfolded me. He drove around in circles to confuse me that I don't realize where we are going. When we stopped and he took the blindfold off, we were standing in an empty garage. He then said "Welcome to our home". He then took me through the empty house to show me around our house and when I opened up the main bedroom door it was dark with candle like lights that was packed in a Heart with our first letter of both our names. When I put on the lights of the on-suite bathroom, there was red roses in the bath for me. I started opening up the cupboards and saw a box in one of them and he said that we should see what is inside, maybe the previous tenants forgot to take the box with. As I opened the box there was a bottle of campaign and 2 glasses with our names and the date engraved on them. "It was to remember and celebrate the date we got our first place together". Or that is what he made me think. As we opened the campaign, a pink bow on the curtain railing caught my eye. I took off the bow and started rolling down the banner reading at the top "Love of my life" with a phew photos of us. When I got to the end, underneath on the banner it asked "Will you marry me?" As I turned around he was on his knees with a ring and tears in his eyes. Of course I didn't even give him time to speak and just started crying tears of joy saying "Yes Yes Yes"

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