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Angelique Ferreira

Married on Mar 3, 2017 in Gauteng

My Fairytale

My Fairytale

Wow...where do I start?

Let's start at the "love at first sight" moment. Our's is quite romantic...

The first time I met Francois, I got the fright of my life! The first word that came to mind was: "beard!!!" My word!!! It was so large that you could hardly see his face. There was just two eyes peeping, staring, sparkling from behind all that hair!! (It was obviously love at first sight for him ;-).

All jokes aside...

Francois has swept me of my feet too many times to count. He has supported me, encouraged me, motivated me, comforted me and loved me like NO other. He is truly my rock, my hero, my true love, my everything.

I'm thankful and extremely blessed to have found my happy BEGINNING with this amazing man.


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