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Tanea Taylor

Married on Feb 4, 2017 in Western Cape

Berrangè & Tanea Taylor Wedding

On February 4, 2017, me and my husband promised our ever lasting love in front of our friends and families. We have been waiting for our wedding day for a long time! We have been best friends for 13 and a half years, and we have grown to become each other's pillars through thick and thin and each other's world! Our friends and family were all very excited for our big day! The day started with light rain that allowed the earth to cool down a bit, and the beautiful flowers and leaves at our unique historical venue, Langverwagt, sparkled in the sunlight. In the morning I was spoiled with a delicious farm breakfast in the beautiful garden under the trees, with a view of the beautiful Table Mountain. While we were being pampered by my wonderful make-up artist, Corle Barnard, we enjoyed our glasses of champagne and tried to keep the nerves under control. The men also started their day with a delicious breakfast, and entertained each other with stories of when we were all together at University. After breakfast they polished their new black shoes and got dressed in their charcoal grey suits. Everyone looked amazing, especially the Groom! When the time came for the start of the ceremony, my father came to me and my bridesmaids. Accompanied by my dad, we walked to where the ceremony was being held, in the middle of a romantic forest. The ceremony music started playing and one by one my bridesmaids started walking up the aisle, until it was only me and my father left. My part of the song on which I would walk in started, and slowly me and my father walked in to the beautifully decorated ceremony space, and it was absolutely an incredible feeling when all our guests stood up as I looked up through my veil. All I could do to calm down the nerves was to look deeply into my almost-husbands' eyes as we went down the aisle. The Reverend read a beautiful piece about love (Galatians 5: 22-23), and we were given the opportunity to make vows, which we wrote ourselves. Berrangè was very brave, because even though he was very nervous to speak in front of this many people, he read the vows with a loud voice full of emotion. When I had to return the same vows, I was not as brave and I had to stop and breathe every few minutes to wipe away a tear. When we turned back to the Reverend, there were tears in his eyes as a result of the tender moment he witnessed between me and Berrangè as we made our vows to each other. The Reverend blessed us and, after a kiss to seal our marriage, we were announced as husband and wife! We signed the register and greeted our guests in Langverwagt's beautiful garden, while colorful peacocks and friendly waiters walked between the guests throughout the beautiful garden. We took pictures and when the reception started, our loved ones made beautiful toasts on us. Berrangè's speech thanking our bridal partyand our parents will always stay with me, and when he looked at me and spoke to me there was not one dry eye in the room. His speech was unbelievably special because we know each other so well and everything he said to me, before all our loved ones, was truly written from his heart. After the speeches we ate a delicious lamb shank, and later our wedding cake, a beautiful White Chocolate Mud Cake (which was covered with edible succulents). Then we opened the dance floor on Elvis Presley's version of "Can't Help Falling in Love With You". Our guests held sparklers and stood in a circle around the dance floor while we danced for the first time as husband and wife. The sparklers made it feel like we were dancing between the stars! Our dance moves (which myself and Berrangè created and mastered the week before the wedding), entertained our guests thoroughly. We enjoyed dancing the rest of the evening and talking with our family and friends. It was most definitely the best day of our lives! It was absolutely perfect and we are incredibly grateful that every single guest could share this day with us, and share in our love and joy. We will never forget our Wedding Day! We plan to plant a tree at Langverwagt in memory of our Special Day .... And hopefully we can show this tree to our children one day, and also show them where their parents promised their love to each other.


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