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Rene Janse van Rensburg

Married on Feb 11, 2017 in North West Province


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How did your love story begin?


Me and my husband met each other 11 years ago, when I was only 12 years old and he 17. It was pure joy and magic but after highschool he relocatef for work and I finished school.
At the start of my second year in nursing school we reconnected and moved in together a week later. We were and still are inseparable, enjoying each other and life everyday, and everyday falling back inlove with each other.
We got engaged 16September 2016 (by which time our wedding date was already set and most things payed for, oops!♡) and we got married 11 February 2017.
The second best day of my life, first being when we met of course!

Tell us all about the proposal.


On friday 16 September me and my husband were supposed to leave for thabazimbi (from pta) to visit family around 16:00.
By 18:30 we were still struggling with car issues and got nowhere near getting meat or salads for the braai in thabazimbi.
At just to 22:00 we finally arrived in thaba, a wee bit annoyed at the fact that I couldn't take anything with to my husbands family and that we probably missed the whole braai by now, the cherry on the cake being that the venue of the braai had also changed and is a further 40km away on a game farm (which is bliss but now we're really late!).
As fate would have it, we got lost a few times on the farm that night but eventually arrived at a beautifully lit up hide deep in the bushes. Even after seeing the beautiful fairy lights in all the trees I still didn't quite register what is going on.
It was only when I saw a candle lit walkway leading to a lit up hide that I slowly realised what my then boyfriend had been up to the whole week.
The whole hide was decorated with wooden, hand made hearts, with rose petals covering the floor, fairy lights and the beautiful night sky full of stars forming a ceiling. I was shocked to say the least!
I flung around and asked him "watse k@k jaag jy nou weer aan?"
By that time he was down to one knee, with the most beautiful engagement ring I could've imagined and asked me "sal jy asb nou jou k@k los en met my trou?" I said yes!! (Obviously!) And burst out in tears of joy! I sat staring at him, crying, for almost half an hour, after which he said we should probably head to the braai. All of our close friends and family were waiting with champagne to congratulate us (at almost midnight!). It was so unexpected, so wonderfull!

Magical Moments


Wow what a busy day!! I can still see my husband running around arranging everything, giving everyone booze and keeping the pastor calm (because my father was late!) while I drank delicious champagne out of tea cups and having my last touches of makeup done.
My husband is a tad old schooled in certain aspects and asked my father to bless our union, thus we had two weddings, on one day! At 12:40 our pastor married us in a friends gorgeous rose garden, with the neerest and dearest family members, me in a white summer's dress and my husband looked dashing in blue jeans.
At 16:00, after changing into our real wedding clothes, re-doing my hair and makeup and hastily making boutineers (which my scatter brain forgot to do), my father blessed our union in front of all our friends and family members, losing his place in his (not so) well rehearsed speech and calling mom to help him! That night the photographers casually mentioned how great photos of us in the pool would look and that she's never had a bride get in a pool before, thus wet we were, the photos were awesome though!
It was such an intimate, special, blessed day!

The Honeymoon


Yes!! Because me and my husband refused financial aid for our wedding from our families, my mom and dad paid for our whole honeymoon.

We went to Jeffreysbay for a week, where we got to explore Knysna in all it's splendour and we had the opportunity to travel up to Oudshoorn to see the Cango caves. It was absolutely bliss and beautiful!

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I've always wanted a big white wedding dress, which I had! Bought it on sale for a ridiculous price hahahaha! I wanted to keep it country-casual and knew a great friend with mad hair skills who did a loose updo for me, which thank heavens, lasted gorgeously untill the next afternoon! I had my makeup done professionally, looked glamorous!
After searching for weeks for the perfect wedding jewelery, I just about gave up, when we went out for lunch with my mom and dad and me and her saw a cute little shop selling wooden jewelery dirt cheap. All my jewellery cost me R55!! Wow!!
My husband refused to wear a tie so I refused to wear heels and ended up wearing the most beautiful bronx country boots! Looked stunning with my dress! My sister in law bought me the prettiest tighty whittys which I wore!

The Venue

We got married just outside brits on a 4x4 venue with the most beautiful grass lawns, pool and a gorgeous old stone hall.
All our guests slept over in paid for rooms at the venue, we didn't want anyone driving drunk, and we all got to have breakfast together and spend the sunday lazing in the pool.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Oh yes, basically it consisted of working our butts off untill 03:00 on the day of the wedding and looking spectacular 12 hours later hahahaha!

Wedding Elements

Our decor was all done self, from flower vases to chair tiebacks, all hand made.
Our colours were white, gold, light brown and yellow. Instead of having cheap champagne (that no one likes anyway) we had home made "melktertjies in a bottle" (yummm) with shooter glasses!
Our thank you gifts were nicely wrapped packets of panados. We reconned it's the least we could do after supplying them with so much booze!
We used old lamps for a backdrop for the main table and around the venue and hired a local dj to keep everyone entertained, which didn't work half the night as we had a terrible power outage so we pulled the bakkies closer and danced on the grass!