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Marnél Swanepoel

Married on Feb 24, 2017 in Gauteng

The right match!

I didn’t fall in love with you, I swiped right with you! I walked into love with you with my eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way. I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do the things that we’d choose anyway. And I’d choose you, in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you! YOU complete ME! What a perfect day! We were blessed with a bit of rain to wash the earths surface clean and make everything beautiful, bright and fresh! It was the most fantastic day we celebrated with close friends and family! We shared not only our hearts and hand in marriage.... But so much love and laughter and this made the day so perfect! Most beautiful venue, super stylist, stunning bridesmaids, incredible mother and father and a rain shower blessing from our Creator! Couldn't have asked for a better day and setting! I am blessed beyond measure.


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How did your love story begin?


We met online... Yes, we happened to both swipe right and it was the most right choice we both made! MATCH!
Since the very first meeting we haven't spent one weekend apart from each other and we both feel it was the most right thing to do! Wilhelm drove over 300 km every weekend to come and visit and I was overwhelmed, spoiled and showered with flowers ever since.

Tell us all about the proposal.


We were on holiday in China and visited quite a few touristy places. On the Great Wall of China he asked the guide to take a picture of us and BOOM! He took out a ring and proposed in front of hundreds of strangers on his knees with the most beautiful ring!

Magical Moments


The wedding day passes so quickly… and you really have to stop to take in the moments and print the memories into your heart. I won’t change a thing. But there are three moments that stood out for me: 1) I loved walking down the aisle and seeing his face. 2) Walking out of the church together, hand in hand, we were in our own world. 3) His beautiful speech at the reception.

The Honeymoon


Just a short road trip to the beautiful farm area of Groblersdal, spending a night here and a night there and then ending it off in Dullstroom. Was really cozy and nice.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I have a vivacious personality so all the rest had to match. My makeup and hair was done by a brilliant stylist, Veronique. I felt 1000000 dollars!
My jewelry and accessories were black.
Red lips and nails and to match a red pair of high heels! It was very well complimented by my guests and it looked stunning!

My dress was imported and I felt comfortable in the dress the whole evening!

The Venue

Bell Amour.

The wedding venue doesn't offer accommodation, we did however give them options of places in the vicinity that did offer the facility.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Yes, we decided to have our wedding within two months after our engagement. So I didn't do anything out of the norm really... there wasn't much time. Just the usual pamper and monthly maintenance.

Wedding Elements

Vivacious, royal colors.
We used flowers and fruit with lots of greenery.
Our colors were purple and red and we had lots of different flowers.
Gerberas, berries, tulips, lavender, lilac roses, europs, two tone lizzy and purple lizzy.
We had grapes, lemons and pomegranates on the tables as part of the décor. It was just stunning.
Shoulder pins: lavender and twine
Big hand bouquets with red roses and gerberas, berries, tulips, lavender, lilac roses, europs, two tone lizzy.

We had candles in big candelabras on each table and glass balls were hanging out of the roof, also with flowers in them. In the back ground we had fairy lights.

The venue has a French, vintage romantic feel and it just looked stunning.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom wore a navy blue suit, white shirt, leather shoes and belt and a very vivacious purple and red tie to match to the theme colors.
The groomsmen wore white shirts, navy blue chinos, leather belts with red suspenders.
They looked so handsome!!! We shopped together for their accessories and bought this together with their outfits at Woollies.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My wedding colors were very vivacious and bright.
The two bridesmaids took initiative to look for their outfits together and chose royal blue dresses that fit so well into the theme and setting of the venue. The photos came out beautiful with this color matching well with the groomsmen outfits.

Marriage Officer

This is really special. The grooms uncle that also christened him was the referent at our wedding. He is very special to my husband and this was an extremely special moment for him.

My Captured Moments

Our photographer also did our engagement shoot. She is brilliantly talented and made us feel at ease. She really captured some of the moments on film so well, you can literally see how lost we are in the moment on some of the photos. We could enjoy ourselves and just be ourselves.

No photo booth or videographer.

The Wedding Planner

My best friend got married a year before me. She was very organized and offered to assist with planning our day. She did all this in a matter of one morning! She was just brilliant.

Wedding Transport

We got dressed at the venue and didn't need any transport as the Wedding Chapel and the Ceremony were at the venue.

Food & Cake

Our venue, Bell Amour did the catering.

The cake was a "mock cake" my mothers best friends did as a gift for us.

We also had cupcakes stacked with icing sugar cookies at the entrée table which the guests could help themselves to whilst waiting for us when we were taking pictures. These were decorated to match our purple and red theme.

Wedding Stationery

Our invitation was done online. We used appycouple. A friend offered to help with the printing and designing of the other stationary.

Wedding Stationery

Our invitation was done online. We used appycouple. A friend offered to help with the printing and designing of the other stationary.

The Reception and Entertainment

Our wedding was very small and intimate. And we laughed. We both enjoyed it and i can honestly say the vive was so friendly, relaxed and happy. We didn't take dancing lessons... We did however practice once before the wedding at home... The wedding dance was so special as we both loved the song we chose. (Still falling for you. Ellie Goulding)
We made use of a DJ.

Wedding Services Used