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Linda Byleveldt

Married on Feb 25, 2017 in Limpopo

Good day

I'm excited to share our love story with each and everyone of you.
On The 25Th of Feb 2017 My biggest dream came true...To get married to the man of my dreams Beau Byleveldt, we have been together for 8 years we waited so long to make the most precious promise to God. We have been through multiple rough storms in our life, and hand in hand we got through every obstacle that life threw at us.Together we are bulletproof. we live by the following: Our First marriage will be our only marriage and that I can say with confidence and honesty. Our wedding day was really perfect, some say nothing is perfect but our wedding day was Really perfect! the week before the wedding we had a lot of rain in Letsitele citrus valley near Tzaneen we all prayed for a sunshine day...and wow we were so amazed on our wedding day God opened the clouds and the sun came out I remember reading my whatzapp messages the morning of the wedding and laughing,i received messages saying; wake up sunshine the sun is shining I ran outside and thank God for a beautifull sunshine day. When I think back I wouldn't change a single thing, so many tears ran down our faces, tears of joy. I woke up the next morning smiling, thinking that this was all a dream and when I realized I wasn't dreaming my heart skipped a thousand beats....Beau, you stole my heart so angel I stole your surname! thank you my love for the honour,I am so blessed to be your wife.We met when I was 14 and Beau 16. travelled such a long road together, but never once left each others hands,I would never want it any other way.He is my life,my Hero, My inspiration,my world ,my heart and soul will be his until the day I close my eyes and never open them again.


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