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Karen Du Plooy

Married on Feb 19, 2017 in Kwa-Zulu Natal


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Magical Moments


Firstly, seeing my future husbands face when i walked in. Never seen a more nervous man in my life. My husband had a double wedding band made. After placing the ring on my finger
He interrupted the captain by saying their is another band and gave this to his son to place on my finger. This was very touching and a beautiful moment. I married them both.
Another favourite memory was when we entered the deck of the MSC. Everyone congratulated us , the champagne and tequilas were lined up for us. What a lovely reception we had. Clear blue skies and calm waters completed this awesome day

The Honeymoon


We got married on the MSC Symphonia. We went on a three day cruise to Portuguese Island This was our Honeymoon. We shared our wonderful day with all the guests onboard. What an awesome exhillerating experience. Had an absolute blast.
One very big mistake i made the day before we got married. We went for the day to the Portuguese island , oh my word.... I was as red as a tomato by that night. All i coud think about was how i am going to look the next day in my dress. Most of all how my make up artist was going to tone down my face colour was another bridge to cross

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I love purple. If i had it my way, everything would have been purple. I compromised for a relaxed summery look . I think i altered my dress about 4 times. My hubby was starting to get nervous how this was going to turn out eventually. I think i surprized him big time. Added a bit of purple here and there. Natural relaxed look.
Make up was an issue... I Was a bit red from the Portuguese Island trip. Luckily my make up artist on the MSC is talented , toned down the tan with his magic . My shoes were silver open toe high platform witch i added purple sequence to match my dress. Wore a chocker with a purple stone .
Diamante and pearl earrings.

The Venue

Got married on MSC Symponia. Everyone on the ship was invited. Open to all. What a beautiful experience .

My Bridal Beauty Regime

This was a big stress factor. We were so busy enjoying ourselves on the deck, time had past very quickly. When i looked at the time i was already running late for my beauty appointment. Needless to say i raced to to my appointment. I was not prepared nor did i give my make up artist much time to pull off miracles for hair and make up. My nerves were pretty much shot...

Wedding Elements

The decor was absolutely beautiful. White Lillies with green ribbon with white satin draped cloth down the side of the isle .. Orange and red petals scattered down the sides of the isle. My wedding planner did an awesome job. The view was spectacular.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Husband designed his own outfit. He surprized me. Had no idea what he was wearing till our wedding day. He had his outfit made by a dress maker. Was i surprized. His outfit complimented mine just perfectly. Cant say i was not worried though. Usually he has no taste whatsoever. Mmmm

Beautiful Bridesmaids

I did not have any bridesmaids.

Marriage Officer

A very handsome Captain of the MSC

My Captured Moments

We had professional photographers services offered to us on board. Took a video and loads of photos. We are very blessed in deed. Fairytale wedding of note. They captured natural moments when we were not focused on them.

The Wedding Planner

We had a wedding planner on board. She was professional and really a sweety. She planned everything to the ladt detail. Even calmed my husbands nerves.

Wedding Transport

Ahh. Best but longest walk i ever had.. Captains second in charge came to collect me at my cabin. He walked me through to the front of the ship. We went up stairs and in lifts. All the crew were at my beck and call. Photos been taken on the way. Guests popping their head out their cabin doors. Lol not to mention i stopped to chat to everyone. Delaying the wedding a bit. Had my last flirt here and there. Was so much fun. Had the time of my life.

Food & Cake

MSC SYMPHONIA designed such an awesome cake. I left everything in their capable hands. Super awesome

Wedding Stationery

The MSC designed and printed my Stationery

The Reception and Entertainment

Well this was a whole new chapter in my fairytale wedding. We got on the deck and guests just flocked around us with congratulations. Champagne popping. Tequilas doing their rounds. We won a hamper to my surprize. Hubby decided to pick me up and swing me around. My hubby is 6ft8, i am only 4ft5 He is twice my size in length and width. He may be a big man, but very light on his feet and oh such a good dancer. We are not the average "normal couple" we just do things differently. Odd couple that make it work in every aspect of our lives.