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Jacqueline Layon

Married on Feb 19, 2017 in Gauteng

Layon Wedding

Everything about our relationship was like a fairytale story from the start.

We met in 2015 whilst working on a cruise ship in the Bahamas. My now husband is from the Philippines. We almost instantly knew we where ment to be.

In 2016 we got engaged on top of a mountain in the beautiful Bagio city in the Philippines. Soon after we found out we will be expecting a baby. We then decided to have the wedding before our baby is born.

Due to the work ny husbanf does it meant I will be having a lovely preggy belly on our wedding day. It was so special.

We had a beautiful outside wedding at Roodevallei in Pretoria where we had a picnic menu. Guests could grabe a blanket and a basket and have a relaxed afternoon celebrating our wedding. It was a perfect sunshine day with lots of love and happiness.

I couldn't have the wedding i dreamt of but I wouldn't change a thing about the wedding we had.

Deeply inlove with my husband.

Venue: Faircity Roodevallei
Photographer: Michael Stols Photography
Dress: Bride & Co.
Make Up: Monique Goudriaan from Be U Salon
Hair: Jacqui Niemand


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How did your love story begin?


We where both working on a Disney cruise ship in the Bahamas. He was a security guard while I was a therapist in the spa. Getting on and off the ship through the gangway was where I spotted this shy very handsome man for the first time. Thinking he wouldn't ever notice me as there are thousands of crew and guests that pass through the gangway daily, I never bothered to talk to him. We passed each other in the hallways and in the laundry room but didn't think much of our small talks as he is a Filipino and they have a very close 'family' bond with fellow Filipino crew. On a day my filipino friend from the cabin next door came to me asking if a friend of hers could bring me a coffee. At this stage we had a coffee café onboard that was very similar to Starbucks. I told her yes her friend can bring me coffee. Who came knocking on my cabin door that night? The security guard who's smile on the gang has already stolen my heart. I couldn't believe it. From that night we spent hours talking and falling inlove. That was the best coffee of my life.

Tell us all about the proposal.


As you know my husband is Filipino. He is also very adventurous. We planned a vacation to the Philippines inbetween his ship contracts. Our vacation was filled with activities. A trip to a island called El Nido in Palawan where we did island hopping. We went on a half marathon run in Manila. And lastly we went for a hike in Bugio City. On the last morning as we where packing up, I was sitting down for a while as it was cloudy and everyone around us was still packing up. As I waited for my then boyfriend to come back and tell me we can pack the last few things, instead he came an hovered around me. Asking me if I have enjoyed the hike as this was my first. He kept asking if I am happy and if I am ready for the next phase. Thinking he meant the down climb I frowned at him and kept saying yes to all his silly questions. During this he has asked me to stand up with him. I was very confused but I did as he asked. As I got up I noticed a fellow hiker that has been filming us the duration of the hike (I was told we are his subject for the hike, this didn't bother me as I was the only forgeiner there) came around and started filming us. At the same time everyone gathered behind us, I though oh we are going to take a group picture how lovely, then my boyfriend takes out this tissue and fidgets with it trying to neatly open it up, what is this man doing and why is everything so suspicious... THAT is when it hit me... this man whom I love is about to PROPOSE!!! He went down on his knee and I almost instantly said yes. The crowd was all in tears and screaming with joy. It turns out... the hike was specially arranged for the proposal. Every hiker knew there knew that this was the reason for the hike. I had no idea that this is what he was planning but I couldn't be more happy.

Magical Moments


Seeing my futire husband at the end of the isle knowing this is the man God has chosen for me. Knowing that every guest there as a very special part in our life. Having my dad give me away... wow... everything about the day was memorable thinking of it.

The Honeymoon


Yes. We where privileged enough to have gotten a complementary stay at The Palace in Sun City. The room was breathtaking and it was just so incredibly fun to be there.

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My Special Day

Had a very simple A-line dress from Bride&Co. As I was 36 weeks pregnant at the time. The dress complemented my belly and still made me feel like a beautiful bride. Being in the beauty industry my friends helped me to look beautiful. My hair was braided into a upstyle and my makeup was a simple brown day time smokey eye with nude lip. My shoes where flat with leave like stones.

The Venue

Faircity Roodevallei in Pretoria North. It was a beautiful outside venue. It was next to the Roodepoort Dam. It was a hotel venue where only the bride and groom stayed the night. The guests all lived in the nearby area

Wedding Elements

We had a outdoor picnic. There was no set tables or decor as we used the outside environment. Each couplr received a blanket to sit in the grass and a picnic basket filled with the most delicious foods. For older guests there where tables.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

They where both wearing traditional Filipino Tagalog Barongs.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My maid of honour was wearing a navy blue long dress from Trueworths. With a big white sun hat

Marriage Officer

A very close family friend. Barry Fourie. He is so amazing.

My Captured Moments

Michael Stols from Michael Stols Photography. He is a old school friend we come a long way back.

The Wedding Planner

No. Between my mother, my MOH and me we arranged everything.

Wedding Transport

We got dressed on the venue and the room was a short distance from the outside chapel so there was no need for transportation

Food & Cake

We had no wedding cake and the venue provided the food. I cannot express enough how amazing the food was.

Wedding Stationery

We designed and printed ourselves.

Wedding Services Used



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