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Alicia Petersen

Married on Feb 25, 2017 in Western Cape

We got married on the 25th February 2017. It was a decision that had to be made and was a risk we were willing to take.

On my birthday October 14th 2015 Simeon proposed to me. We couldn't really celebrate the engagement as he had to fly to Congo. In that week while he was away his dad had just found out the cancer was back after being in remission for two years.

We went a year without really planning anything. Thanks to a friend, I found the most perfect venue for us to get married. It was quite a bit of money we would need to give out, so we set a date for 2018 to save up.

However in August 2016 Simeon told me that he wanted his dad at the wedding. At this time his dad was still mobile. After him saying this I put plans into place to ensure his dad would be comfortable at the reception. So I asked his mother if we could have the reception at their house as it was big even for a small intermit reception. She agreed to it and then it was time to convince my mother about this new plan. Keep in mind my mother is very set in her ways.

I then sat my parents down and explained what I was thinking to get their support. It took a while for my mother to accept the change of plan. She was unsure that it was the best way forward.

After telling my parents I had to get the perfect date which meant I had to take leave. I discussed the new plan with my manager. She was delighted to hear that we moving up the wedding and agreed to the date I had in mind.

So now with my plan in mind, it was time to convince the fiance. After explaining the new plan he was quite unsure it would work but he put his faith in our mothers and I. This was all happening six months before the proposed wedding date.

We knew exactly what we wanted and started getting quotes from the vendors we had in mind. Everything was going great until his dad took a turn for the worse. He became bed ridden in the November this was three months before the wedding. He was getting worse. We thought he wouldn't make it till Christmas but he did and we got to spend one last Christmas with him.

With all the praying for him to make it just to the wedding day. Through all the what if's. Through putting extra measures in place. His dad couldn't hold on. He went peacefully a month before the wedding day. The last month was very difficult as we were putting the last arrangements in place while mourning for our loss.

But at last the day came for us to exchange our vows. It was a perfect day. Everything went off as planned. We had a beautiful church ceromony. Then took photographs at the place we initially were going to have the wedding and still had the house reception.

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. Despite his dad not being physically there, I could feel his presence throughout the day. He was with us and I believe he was our angel making sure everything went smoothly.


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