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Sonica Basson

Married on Dec 16, 2017 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


We decided easily that having a huge wedding is not our thing. We were (still are) just a basic Afrikaans couple. We watch rugby on weekends and braai, with a small group of friends.
We wanted intimacy and simplicity which would actually be an "event" that would reflect our personalities. Being a couple that doesn't dance (AT ALL!!) we were thinking about a picnic wedding... that changed as music really does play a big role in our lives. We then decided picnic baskets would be our starters to each couple/guest, with an engraved cheeseboard and a poem, to remember the day and remember to take the picnic baskets as a gift. Lots of guests complemented us on this, but it had much more meaning to us - as picnic is basically the most romantic thing we've ever done(also got engaged, while having a picnic!!).
We did not have bridesmaids or groomsmen, and the less tradition - the better ;)

The Honeymoon


My (would be) father-in-law passed away at our wedding. From having the best day of our lives to this happening things really drastically changed. We therefor had to rearrange any plans we had regarding a honeymoon; as to stand by my in-law's family and my husband himself, had to (and still does) work through what had happened. We went away to Van Rhynsdorp, just to have a break and actually catch up on sleep. So no real honeymoon there.

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My Special Day

My wedding look was kinda bohemian, outdoorsy, simple and yet elegant. I had no specific theme in mind just knew what I liked and what I did not like. My dress has so much detail at the bottom which no one actually noticed, but oh wow, it was comfortable. I loooooved it. My hair - bohemian. I get easily frustrated by loose hair especially in summer so the look was perfect for me, flower comb in hair, and still a simple, yet elegant up-do.
My ring was designed by myself and Cape Jewel Co. assisted in ideas, and producing the ring. We decided to cancel out the engagement ring and each have a say in our own permanent rings. My husband's was also sourced by Cape Jewel Co. They assisted soooooo much with all our jewellery - earrings - husband's Fossil watch.
For my make-up it was easy to say - simplistic but I would lie. I decided I love having my eyes stand out even more against a white dress, Donna Taylor Pro Make Up, did an absolute amazing job with my hair and make-up. She totally grasped my idea from start to finish and executed it better than anyone ever could.

The Venue

On a private farm, Moreson Guest Farm, which has a few cottages outside to book per night. They are family friends and therefor liked the idea of having our wedding as a "tester" there. Absolutely amazing vineyards; green grass, trees, mountains, views and fresh air - just what we wanted. All the decor and "venue setup" was outside, we had dinner under trees covered by different lights. The setup was done by In and Out Events Hire SA. Absolutely astonishing job!!



Family Winery | Franschhoek | South Africa

Wedding Elements

In and Out Events Hire - did the entire wedding setup from ceremony to outside reception, built wooden floors, dj booth; bar and a dance floor. All supplied, arranged, managed and built by them!

My Captured Moments

Edó Photography! What a magical human being. He felt our vibe and didn't just work with it he PERFECTED it. It was awesome and a absolute pleasure to have him with us and easily adapting to the surrounds. I appreciate the way Edó worked with us even though we don't appear in front of a camera a lot. His passion was felt by our guests and everyone felt comfortable around him. GENIUS work!!

Wedding Services Used



Family Winery | Franschhoek | South Africa