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Michelle Van Zyl

Married on Dec 2, 2017 in Northern Cape


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Magical Moments


People tend to think that the highlights of your wedding starts on the morning of the magical day itself. For me it started from the moment my husband proposed, and the planning began.
My wedding was a 'home-made, self-made, farm-style wedding'. Most of the wedding decor and finer things were done by my husband and me. And some amazing family en friends.

We did all the wooden decor, thank- you gifts and some of the flower arrangements ourselves.

Everything was special on that day. My sister's fiance made wooden bow-ties for the groomsmen and a wooden tie for my husband. My wedding cake was a real art-piece (also done by him), with two plastic-icing "vellies"on. One representing me and another representing my husband and how we will always have our feet placed firmly on the ground next to each other. (NO MATTER ON WHAT ROAD WE WILL FIND OURSELVE).

My sister (maid of honour) made our wedding invitations and a newspaper for our wedding named ' Troukoors' (wedding fever), with letters from our family. Some scandals and jokes about us were also shared.

My other two braidesmaids were also spectacular. They helped days before and made sure everything was in-place and perfect. It was amazing to see how everyone wanted to help and support us.

We had a real-life band performing at the reception and my father and daughter dance is a moment I will always remember.

But I have to say the BEST part of my wedding was to see my husband's face and witness him crying overwhelming tears of joy and at the moment I started walking down the aisle.

The Honeymoon


We want to go on honeymoon with all out hearts. Unfortunately we used all our funds for our special day. We will still go.

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My Special Day

I am naturally the type of girl who has more clothes for work than girly clothes or high-heels in my closet. It is not that I do not like these things, I am just always at work.

I decided to surprise my husband (and boy was he surprised).

My hair was in a very feminine lose and curly down-style braid. I kept my make-up natural, yet striking.

For a 'playful' twist I kept one characteristic of myself ( my "Vellies").
Yes, I had a beautiful snow-white off-the-shoulder sweet heart wedding dress with ' Vellies' underneath.

The Venue

We got married at a very beautiful Chape,l 8km outside Kimberley, Northern Cape.
Bella Cardi Wedding Venue in the bushes.

We wanted our accommodation to fit with our theme. Because we had a farm-style wedding we decided on accommodaction with the same theme/feeling.
Horseshoe-Inn are old horse-stables converted into cozy rooms.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

My husband and I did some Crossfit prior to the wedding.
Unfortunately, I did not have time for spa's and treatments or any teeth whitening or pampering of any sort.

I was admitted to hospital a week before my wedding due to unforseen health issues ( my mom passed away a few months before the wedding and had a great impact on my health). I was literally only discharged to attend my wedding. (I was discharged on the Friday and me and my doctor made a 'deal' that i would be admitted again on Monday after my wedding so that I would be able to have my special day).

So my beauty regime? Hospital Jelly and a lot of prayers .

My final wedding planning was completed in the hospital with the lovely nurses as my advisors, cheer-leaders, and 'non' -officail wedding- planners'.

Marriage Officer

Ds. Keydey O'Callaghan

My Captured Moments

Lavendermoon Photographer.

The Wedding Planner

We did not have a wedding planner. The venue coordinator, my maid of honour (my sister) our groomsmen and braidsmaids helped a lot. It was a 'home-made' wedding. Made with support and hard work from everyone.

Wedding Transport

My wedding transport was simple but fun. My best friend's husband drove my braidmaids and myself to the Chapel with his mini-bus " DIE BUS".
In order to make the road little more special and entertaining, my husband had message signs with a message that in the end said 'Michelle Marx word vandag n Van Zyl', put everywhere along the road.

Food & Cake

Bella Cardi made the starters whereby we supplied the biltong and droewors and main course was chicken or beef burgers ( everyone had to build their own burgers) and together with lekker slap chip.

We hired a ice cream machine for desert with dip and toppings.

My wedding cake was a real art-piece (also done by my sisters fiance), with two plastic-icing "vellies"on. One representing me and another representing my husband and hoe we will always have our feet places firmly on the ground bext to each other. (NO MATTER ON WHAT ROAD WE WILL FIND OURSELVE

Wedding Stationery

My sister created a vintage farm-style newspaper as our programme for the day. It included special letters from family and my husband and some scandals and jokes about us.

The Reception and Entertainment

We had a live band that did all the sound and lighting.
Jan Rhaap & Sy Maat

Dance lessons: we did not take...

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