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Megan Smith

Married on Dec 2, 2017 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


Every moment of our wedding day was memorable... My husband and I made sure it was filled with laughter, fun, and food.

We felt truly blessed to have reached marriage. It had been a tough year, leading up towards the wedding. And when the day arrived... it could not have been any better. From walking down the aisle to the Love of life, to leaving the reception venue to go to our new home.

As the fun and outgoing people we are, we truly wanted our guest to enjoy themselves and make it as memorable for them as for us. Some special moments that truly stood out: -worshipping God
-sealing our marriage with our first Kiss as husband and wife
-dancing down the aisle
-dancing into our venue and being completely mesmerized by the beautiful rustic set up
-our first dance FLASH MOB
-the amazing food
-dancing and laughing with guest
-and lastly... every moment I got to look over and know the he is now MY husband.

Truly thankful

The Honeymoon


We spent our first night together in our new home...

We then went on honeymoon to Sun City. To enjoy ourselves exploring, swimming, and dining.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My personality is very outgoing and creative.... I truly wanted my appearance to reflect my personality. Natural with a touch of craziness and being unique just because I can.

My make-up was elegant and sweet with some natural colours, blush pink and golds.

My hair was done amazing by Ezra Coiffure. She is such a professional. It was an messy elegant low side bun, soft curls hanging around, and a plait from the top too the bun. I loved every part of my hair.

My dress was A Line lace, open laced back, with a long train. Elegant with a touch of sexiness

My shoes was a blush pink wedge, with the wedge many different colours.

Accessories: all silver jewellery, a white rose with babies breathe corsage, and a blush pink clutch bag

The Venue

My Ceremony was at the stunning St. John's church in Wynberg.

Reception: Skilpadvlei Wine Estate

My Bridal Beauty Regime

My husband and I live quite an active lifestyle, so I tried to just be me.

The worst a bride can do, is build a lifestyle for a short period of time for a dress... I say, don't let the dress work you, You should work the dress

Being healthy and active as often as I can is my lifestyle choice, and if a was craving ice cream or a milkshake... I made sure I had.

Wedding Elements

The special aspect about our decor is that majority was all DIY. Days and nights of hard creative work, and treating every part of decor as a puzzle piece to making Our wedding special.

I wanted the reception to reflect who my Husband and I are. We wanted it to be elegant, but relaxing for guest. I went for a modern rustic theme for my decor: lots of hessian and jars. The flowers were all white roses, lots of babies breathe, and greenery (less is more)

We had a combination of round seated tables and gold tiffany chairs, Large cocktail tables and barstools, a sweet table, and a craft table for children and guests to enjoy. The tables were decorated with hessian runners, round wooden blocks and decorated jars as the centre pieces (filled with flowers), and to entertain guest we made hessian 0&X bags, and personalized Cootie catchers (all about creating fun).

We truly wanted our guest to feel free to enjoy themselves in the space. We had No seating plan, because we wanted a sense of community amongst the guest, where they did not have to feel restricted to one seat, but the walk around and build new friendships.

We cannot forget the dance floor. We chose to have a touch screen DJ, what a great touch to our wedding. Dancing together, plus guests having the freedom to choose songs they would like played (plus, its one less mouth to feed)

The Wedding Planner

I am proud to say that I made sure every person had a day schedule for the day.

However, we have such amazing friends and family. Due to planning the wedding ourselves, I felt truly blessed to have our friends and family step in to help wear they can.

Weddings can often be quite daunting when it comes to the planning, as many people have their ideas and opinions. However, its how we choose to respond in these moments that can truly make a difference.

Instead, I loved having our friends and family help and share opinions when I needed it. I am just grateful for their sacrifices. This will include the Best man and the Maid of Honor.

Then the amazing Twins who run True Stories events could not have made the Reception look and feel any better then it did. Our friends worked hard setting up, decorating, helping with DIY, and coordinated and checked in. these ladies are utterly amazing with their planning and creativity.

Wedding Transport

kept it vintage...

Chevrolet Chevelle

Food & Cake

OH MY GOODNESS... the food was great!!!!

My husband and I love food, and menu for the reception venue was the deciding factor. Lots of options is always good

My amazing godmother made our death by chocolate cake as the top tier, and 3 tiers filled with donuts... wow it was delicious.

Wedding Stationery

I designed all our stationary... from the invitations, to the kids booklets, guest book, and menus

The Reception and Entertainment

Touch screen DJ is the way to go....

It was a lot of fun choosing songs and allowing guest to too. I made sure there was a dance floor, no lessons were needed; however our flashmob first dance were filled with people that struggle with rhythm, but they stepped up and did great.

We were also entertained by the a beautiful family member's voice. Faultless voice, loved every moment.