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Madelein Blignaut (Engelbrecht)

Madelein Blignaut

Married on Dec 16, 2017 in North West Province


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Magical Moments


the best moment of my day was the first look on my dad's face when he came to fetch me at the room where i was dressing. I had tears in my eyes, to know I'm my dads little girl and now I am becoming a women a wife to the best man in the world.

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My Special Day

I looked and felt like cinderella...
I had hair extension in, so my hair was extra long. The top was teazed up into a bubble and the rest of my hair was in long curls hanging on my back. My make up was airbrushed so it hold the entire day, a soft glow that made the perfect photos.
My jewellery was all bling-bling cause i love shiny silver things, everything was silver with clear diamond rocks.
My shoes was one of my top choices... my shoes was covered in silver glitter, fairy dust for a princess.
and last but not leat, my underware was white lace with silver sequences on it.

The Venue

I got Married in Rustenburg at a wedding venue.. Hedgehogs Nest

Wedding Elements

We married in a small chapel on the venue, the aisle was decorated with a photos of me and my Husband from the day we met until the day I said I do.
My color scheme was turquoise,white & silver(glitter). Each guest reeived a gift bag on arrival at chapel that had the following in: water, mint, tissue, hand fan and something sweet(cookies) everything fitted with my color scheme.
The hall was made up of white & turquoise draping with a lot of fairy lights. At each entrance was large candliers and also each table had a small candlier on it. on the table was the menu and tbale number in a silver frame. The table cloth was white with rose prin on with a turquoise drappng. each guest had a thank you gift, it was a small box with roses cut out, in the box was fudge and a key chain with each guest name on it.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom was fully suid with a slim fit charcoal grey suit, a white shirt and a turquoise tie. He had black shoes and a black leather belt.
The goomsmen was dressed in a plack pants, white shirt and a turquoise tie. all of them had black shoes & a black belt on.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

I had 4 bridesmaids and they wore turquoise infinity dresses. Each one of the bridesmaids dress was fold into a differnet infinty style. THere hair was made into an updo in 4 different french plait.

My Captured Moments

My photographer was the BEST person at my wedding. She maid me feel so comfortable in each phot se took. SHe did eveyrthing i asked for. SHe was friendly, reliable and a good person to know.
Uit DIe HArt Fotografie - Christine

Wedding Transport

My husband works for a international company, one of his directors drives a Mercedes E250. (any thing with a mercedes is my favourite) So my husband arranged with his director for the car and so i had one of my dream cars on my wedding day for me.
My bridesmaids arrived in a POLO GTI, one of my husband dream car. In the end we both had our dream car at the wedding

Food & Cake

The Venu made the food, as they trade as a hotel school durign the week.
My wedding cake was my by my Mother, it was a 3 layer cake, my mom wanted me to have a big cake, her little girl only gets married once.

Wedding Stationery

My invitations was my own idea, i just got a stationary shop to do the lazer cut out.
My wedding invitation was a turquoise rose that was cut out with a lazer machine, it folded into a holder where we slipped the pearl white paper in with all the details on.
The rest i also made by myself, i made the menu on pearl white paper with glitter backgroung. The church program was made into pamflet with a photo of our engagement and all the details in the inside.