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Lauren Alexander

Married on Dec 15, 2017 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


Our wedding was beautiful. It was all I ever dreamed it to be.Walking down the aisle and seeing my handsome groom cry, Sharing our vows that we each chose to write and singing for my husband was amongst some of my memorable moments. We had 3 different bands playing at our wedding- A group of friends played the songs we walked in on which was breathtaking, the kids from my side of the family including my 5 year old nephew (drummer) played a song during the cheese and wine and we had a 3 piece band play during the reception.
The church and reception venue was so beautifully decorated with decor that my husband and I hand made. The hall looked amazing with the drapes he hung. We also handed out hand made gifts to each guest.

The Honeymoon


Our first evening we spent at Protea Hotel. We spent two days at a guest house in Gordan's Bay and a week in Caledon at the Robin Cottage.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My wedding look was elegantly natural yet different. My hair was loosely pinned up to create a messy just stylish feel. My make up was natural, highlighting my cheek bones and big eyes. I felt like a princess.
My wedding dress was made by my aunt, the bottom lace detail was hand stitched. We designed the dress ourselves. It was everything I ever wanted.
For my jewellery I wore a heart chain that my husband brought me from America in August when he returned from Soccer camp. I wore a dainty bracelet that I received for my birthday from my mother in law and my earrings was so beautiful, which I received from a friend for my birthday. Both my bracelet and earrings had the same colour blue in it. My bouquet was done by my mother. She used a piece of material cut off from the groom's suit to wrap around the stem of the bouquet. My shoes was a beautiful block heel, with clear straps.

The Venue

We got married at St Peter's Church in Mowbray. My husband is the youth worker there. The cheese and wine took place in the courtyard and the reception in the hall.

Wedding Elements

Our decor was absolutely beautiful. All the decor was made by my husband and I.
The feel was white, wood and glass. The church pews had love boards hanging from it as well as jars engraved with our initials filled with daisies hanging from it. There were hanging flower jars from the windows.
The hall had banqueting style tables. The centre pieces alternated between a log with flower jars on it, a log with candles in it, a log with succulents on it. It was amazing.
The ceiling had a drape creating the illusion of sitting under cover which was done by me husband. The hall had many fairy lights.
The cheese and wine area had many fairy lights, a mini stage made from pallets and covered with carpet where we did our first dance on, cocktail tables and wood decor.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

My groom looked amazing in a blue suit, white shirt, black tie and brown shoes. The groomsmen had one a blue suit, white shirt, grey tie and black shoes. The groomsmen had a wooden bestman bagde and my groom had a black flower on his suit.
There suits they bought at Markhams.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My bridesmaid wore a grey long lace and mesh dress with she bought at YDE. As i am a fan on lace, this was a lovely option. Her dress was formal, yet light and flowing.



Marriage Officer

Our marriage officer was Reverend Steven- John Bam, our formal minister and close friend.

Our service however was conducted by our minister at st Peter's , Dave Meldrum.

The two of them together ensured that our wedding ceremony was special, personal and beautiful.

My Captured Moments

Our photographer was David Forgus. He is a brilliant photographer that I know since I was in primary school. Over the years, he has photographed me at athletics, jazz singing concerts, even at my first school job.
One of our close friends live streamed our wedding on facebook as we both have family and he has many friends in various countries. This made it possible for all of them to share in our happy day.

The Wedding Planner

On the day we had a coordinator who ensured that everything went off smoothly.
Before the wedding many of the arrangements was done by my husband and I, with the help of our parents, siblings and a few close friends.

Wedding Transport

My neighbour drove me in his white Mercedes Benz and a close family drove my husband in his silver grey Mercedes Benz.

Food & Cake

The main meal was a spits braai which was prepared by Geoff Crowster and his company Capricorn Spits Braai.
Our desserts was prepared by my husbands mother as well as our wedding cake.
The wedding cake was a traditional 3 tier fruit cake, baked by my mother, and was iced and decorated by my husband's mother. It has the traditional bride and groom figurine on top of it.

Wedding Stationery

All our stationery was designed by either myself or my husband as well as printed by us.

The Reception and Entertainment

As space was limited we did not have a dance floor inside the venue. Our first dance was done in the courtyard.
We did not take dance lessons, however our first dance was intimate and beautiful.
Sound was supplied by my cousin and done by his friend. We had a DJ as well as three different bands who played at different times of the day.

Wedding Services Used