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Chavonne Louw

Married on Dec 16, 2017 in Mpumalanga


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Magical Moments


The most beautiful moment was when I walked down the aisle and saw my husband's face...

The Honeymoon


We went to Hazyview and went on all kinds of adventures and my husband helped me conquer one of my worst fears. Such a proud moment.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

At the end of the day all I wanted for my look for my wedding day was elegance. My makeup was kept as natural as possible and my hair was just blown out... simple! My wedding dress was designed and made by my very best friend of 25 years. As kids we would always play around with our parent's curtains and bed sheets pretending that I was getting married. We had always dreamed of him designing and making my wedding dress one day since I can remember. So when it came time for me to start planning a wedding we sat down and decided that he should draw up a design and just start making the dress. I had no idea what my dress was going to look like but I trusted Johnwayne. The time came for my first fitting, I was not sure how to feel about the dress but I also knew that the first fitting when getting a dress made is always a bit scary because you have no idea what to expect. Then came more fittings and I could start seeing my dress as a finished product and boy did he hit the nail on the head with this one. I fell more and more in love with my dress with every fitting and am just amazed at how beautiful I felt in this dress. My shoes... Perfect! It all just worked perfectly! my jewellery was rose gold. I went for sharp but fine designs with a very elegant look. I just wanted something out of the ordinary in terms of our wedding day so this was a cherry on the cake! the Lingerie... ;)

The Venue

The original plan was to have a small and intimate picnic wedding under the same willow trees that we got engaged on a friend's farm just outside of a small town, Thistle Grove. After 4 months of planning we were excited as time drew nearer. With only a week to go the weather put a damper on all of our plans but luckily we had a backup plan. After the venue had flooded we arranged with the owner of the farm to us Plan B. All was going well until 3 days before the wedding we received an SMS saying that we could not use the farm anymore. In a flat spin we went to my family to do damage control. I work at a primary school as a PA and thought that at this point we didn't have much of an option at this point but to phone my boss and ask if we could use the school hall. He was more than happy to help. In a rush to inform all of our guests and service providers for the wedding day, Whatsapp came in handy. After many phone calls, plans were changed to the school hall and everyone who needed to know, knew. Even though we were disappointed that plans had fallen through, we felt good about it all and stayed positive. 2 days later, the day finally arrived! It all just looked so beautiful and everything worked out just how I had hoped. I was at a point where I was glad that things turned out the way they did! We had an amazing day!! A few family members slept over by our house which also made everything more special and fun!

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I just continued with my normal every day regime. It works for me so I was quite happy carrying on with that!

Wedding Elements

We had an inside picnic wedding and so everything was simple but with a touvh of rustic. The school hall was draped into a tent and of course lights, lights and lights... We used wooden pallets as the tables and loads of picnic blankets and cushions. The flowers were arranged in rusted coffee tins and we kept to field flowers (roases and such are not my thing). Again keeping to the simple element, we used raw wooden table for the food and hesian, hesian, hesian... Quite a few elements were handmade by my Mom which made it all extra special.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

I absolutely loved what my husband wore. We were in Johannesburg and decided that a suit was not for him. We went to his favorite shop (Markhams) and saw the most perfect brown pants, white shirt and dark brown leather shoes. We could judt picture it all... His brother (best man) also just went to a clothing store and bought his clothes according to the same theme. I think that they looked absolutely perfect! But the best element for us was their bowties... Their father handcrafted their bowties which just added that something special! My gorgeous husband...