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Chantal Smith

Married on Dec 8, 2017 in Gauteng

Video Highlights of our breathtakingly beautiful Wedding Day!

Our wedding higlights video makes me cry happy tears every time I watch it!
- Chantal & Jean-Pierre Smith
Click on the below link, then click play on the video:

Wedding highlights video:

Chantal + Jean Pierre from First Kiss on Vimeo.


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How did your love story begin?


How did we meet?
We met on the 15th of September 2006, at a mutual friend’s 13th birthday party at Spur. We were 13 and 14 at the time. Right next to the huge jumping castle (at Spur) Jéan-Pierre asked if he could please get my cellphone number. My response was that he could only have my number if he could spell my name correctly – knowing that he will spell it wrong. …Even though he spelled my name terribly incorrect, something just told me to give it to him anyway. The rest is history!

How long have we been together?
On the 8th of December 2016 we celebrated our Ten Year Anniversary… That is a whole DECADE together! (Together since 8 December 2006). “From High School Sweethearts to soon-to-be Husband and Wife”

Why do I stay in love with him?
In all honesty, JP is my very best friend and soulmate. Together we can laugh or cry - knowing that whatever life hands us, good or bad, we can handle it together. Every time life hands us lemons, we make lemonade! :) …It was easy to fall in love with him, but it is even easier to stay in love with him. After 10 years together, he still brings me flowers (and regularly so), tells me that I am beautiful and he always tries to make my dreams come true.

Tell us all about the proposal.


How did he propose?
It was the first week of December 2016 – at the time I was busy and stressed out about my Master’s Degree dissertation which was due in less than a week. A possible proposal was the LAST thing on my mind! On the 3rd of December 2016, JP surprised me with a random road trip to an unknown destination, convincing me it is simply because I was too stressed and I needed a break. He took me to God’s Window (situated in Graskop, Mpumalanga) with amazing scenery in mind. When we got there, it was overcast and extremely misty. We hiked up the mountain in search of a lookout point. When we got to the top, it felt as if the whole world just disappeared. It was just the two of us, standing closely to God’s creation and surrounded with mist. He started declaring his love for me, right from his heart. He then went on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him as his WIFE! With tears of joy running down my cheeks, I said YES! I simply can’t wait to spend the next 110 years together as Mr & Mrs Smith!

The Honeymoon


YES! Our Honeymoon was a dream come true for me - We went to Europe: The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France. Being Mrs Smith in 6 different countries was a magical feeling! I had my first experience of European Christmas Markets and Snow flakes falling down from the sky on me. Our entire honeymoon felt like a winter wonderland! We spent our first Christmas Eve as Husband and Wife at the top of the Eifel Tower in Paris - the lights felt so festive! On Christmas day we went to the Moulin Rouge - it was simply stunning!We also attended Church on Christmas day - In the Notre Dame! It was increddible. Our Honeymoon was everything that I have ever wished for and even more than I could have ever hoped for. I purchased a Christmas tree decoration in every country so that I can remember our wonderful honeymoon forever!

Wedding Gallery


The Venue

Our wedding was at MEMOIRE in Muldersdrift - what a STUNNING venue! Our wedding exceeded all of my expectations and all of our guests truly had fun! Our guests are still speaking of the amazing food and awesome time they had at our wedding. Our guests did spend the night - some at the venue and some at surrounding venues.

Marriage Officer

Ds. Neels Marais, whom is the pastor at our local church. It was really amazing having a marriage officer who we knew personally!

My Captured Moments

Photography - VanBower
Videography - First Kiss

Our photographers were exceptional - they even captured our photos in the rain!

Instead of a photobooth, we had our guests make video messages which our videographer captured. This way we can always have the special memories!

The Wedding Planner

No, my mom and I planned my wedding together - we had so much fun and it provided us with many special moments!

Wedding Services Used

Shattered Glass Discos

Shattered Glass Discos

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