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Sameerah Kagee

Married on Nov 18, 2017 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


The most memorable moment of our wedding was when I heard cars hooting after the wedding ceremony took place at the mosque and my husband walked into the room. I was so overwhelmed with happiness and excitement, I couldn't believe this day happened! We decided last minute to plan the wedding within a month. We managed to sort out everything! The wedding day was perfect for us!

The Honeymoon


We went to Knysna for our honeymoon, it was lovely over there. We stayed at the Knysna chalets, we chose the perfect chalet, it was a wooden chalet, very beautiful!

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

So I decided to go with an A line tulle dress! Honestly I found that perfect dress on the last minute. It was a winter white dress and it suited my rustic themed wedding. My makeup was done by EYB make up artistry (she is really talented, I don't wear make up at all but she made me look perfect with make up on). I went with a very neutral look. My hair was tied up, I did it myself but unfortunately my hair didn't stay tied up long so I decided to leave it lose, my hair was perfectly wavy (that day everything seemed perfect). The lingerie I wore was basic. My shoes was a closed glittery silver wedge, it perfectly suited the dress. My jewelry was basic, I had silver long earrings and I had a silver hair piece that I placed at the back of my head when it was tied up but then I moved it towards the front side of my head when I had my hair lose. Bear in mind I had a month to plan all of this! It was a total success!

The Venue

We actually got married at my husband's best friend's parents place. They were really kind enough to allow us to have our wedding there. Their house already had that rustic vibe to it so it worked out in my favour.
I only had one guest from Egypt, her accommodation was sorted.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

The only thing I had done was waxing my legs for the first time (it was so painful Oh my word! But I survived!)
Then I had my face threaded as well.

Wedding Elements

My decor was rustic theme, most of the decor I did myself with the help of family and friends who gave me some of their house decor. Rustic is such an easy theme, anything goes!
I used mixed flowers, mostly white, green and pink. The reception was set up in the sun room which had fake green grass, it was perfect for the wedding theme. I had three tables, savouries, cake and drinks table and each table were decorated with purity jars that I decorated with lace and ribbons. And I had Centre pieces that were branches from a dried up plant that I spray painted white and I placed fairy lights around them.
I had curtain fairy lights for my backdrop of where we sat and that I borrowed from a friend.
Basically I didn't rent anything most of the decor I bought myself and the rest I borrowed from friends and family.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

We didn't have any groomsmen. The groom wore a black slim suit with a white shirt (my husband forgot his shirt so we had to improvise, luckily someone had a shirt for him) my husband wore a black waist coat as well. We hired the suit from Mr Suit Hire.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

I never had any bridesmaids. I didn't want that at all.

Marriage Officer

Our marriage officer was the imaam. There was a bit of a slip up with the imaam. The one imaam had too many rules and he decided to tell us a few days before the wedding that he didn't have a wedding registry book, I freaked out, anyway luckily my dad came to the rescue with his imaam.

My Captured Moments

I had two wedding photographers, someone captured the reception and then my sister in law captured our special moments of just the two of us.

The Wedding Planner

No, I was basically the wedding planner. I just told the people who helped me what I wanted and they made it perfect.

The Wedding Planner

No, I was basically the wedding planner. I just told the people who helped me what I wanted and they made it perfect.

Wedding Transport

We drove in a white three door Lexus, not really sure what kind of Lexus.

Food & Cake

I had finger food, so I got platters from party planners and some cakes were brought by my guests ( they helped a lot) and the other cakes I bought from Spontaneous Bakers.

My wedding cake was made by my best friend.

Wedding Stationery

Ok so my wedding invites were made by my sister in law. She made it so perfect. It was a rustic theme invite. She designed the invite, I had it printed on hard paper and added strings, pearls and doilies.

The Reception and Entertainment

We didn't have any dancing. The music was basic. I chose The piano guys thousand years as my walking down the aisle song. There was soft music playing in the background after the ring exchange.

Wedding Services Used