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Nicola Snyders

Married on Nov 18, 2017 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


The highlight of Deveron and Nicola's wedding day was a song that Deveron asked his cousin to sing at their wedding. It was a song called papsopwinterwaternat by Kurt Darren which totally describe his wife (Nicola) and their lives together. It spokes about Nicola's eyes, her red hair and the fact that they love to sit in front of their fireplace with Afrikaans music. The song also told Nicola that her husband wants her to know that she's the most beautiful wife in the whole of the Western Cape. Her heart melted for him and the love in her eyes was priceless.

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My Special Day

White dress with sweet heart neckline, very sparkling, very traditional and very long veil. I went without jewellery because my dress said it all. My hair was curls with a french. This was done by Charlene November. My makeup was done perfectly, naturally, soft and on point.

The Venue

Nicola and Deveron got Married at Inn on Highlands farm in Grabouw. The venue is on the Highlands Road and has the most beautiful orchards with the best background. All our guests had self catering cottages on the premises and also had the best view and the sound of nature at their stay. Our guests were very impressed and gave good feedback.

Wedding Elements

We made use of a local events company in Grabouw by the name of For Every Event and they did everything along with Nicky and because I don't like flowers they kept it as minimal as possible.The big white tent was set up to perfection. The chairs and tables had the perfect layout. The tent was placed in a way that gave the head table the perfect view with the dam in the background. Our wedding was elegant white with a touch of green that complimented the farm and it's nature.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

We had Five Groomsmen. Each one wore a blue suit with a colour bow tie that suited their partner's dresses. They also went for dark glasses and brown pointer shoes. But the Groom stole the show! To see him in a suit and tie for the first-time ever was so handsome. He was dress in a navy suit, red tie and brown pointer. An absolute stunner!

Beautiful Bridesmaids

We also had Five bridesmaids and they were all dressed in infinity dresses that was made by Natasha in Strand and it matched the colour of their partners bowties. We went for Five soft colours like pink, yellow ,sea green, blue and purple.

Marriage Officer

Father David Hanneville is the Father of the church that we attend, Saint Michael and All Angels. He made our wedding very special. He had a part where he asked our parents to come and stand behind us and each give their child away to be married.

My Captured Moments

Our photographer Farron Jade Middleway is one of the best photographers in Grabouw. She took all our photos starting from a normal couples shoot, then our engagement shoot with a photo booth and big set-up, as well as a countdown shoot. Farron Jade Middleway has all the skills and because she's so young and talented she just has an eye for the best photos and at a price that everyone can afford. Farron is on point and she's never late for any appointment. Farron makes you feel comfortable and cuts out things about you that you hate (All of us has that something you don't like of your body) and makes you feel picture perfect.

Wedding Transport

Because we got married at a farm at Inn On Highlands, the house that I got dressed in was a few metres away from the gazebo where the ceremony took place. It took me about a minute to walk out of the house to where my husband was waiting for me. When I stepped out of the house, all my guests had a few minutes to check me out from head to toe and they couldn't stop staring. To walk was the best and the cheapest option for me and the fact that I could hold on to my daddy a little longer was so heart touching and memorable.

Food & Cake

Our food was made by the best caterer at Inn On Highlands, Nicky Jarrett and her team. The meat was prepared by a Braai Master. They also catered for everyone especially for our guests who don't eat pork. The environment in which the food was made was perfect , clean, neat and everything was well prepared hot and perfectly plated.