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Nadia Roets

Married on Nov 11, 2017 in Garden Route


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Magical Moments


What an amazing day, I wil always remember this special day. The way my dad was crying when he gave me away to the man of my dreams. My mom that gave me the most beautiful bracelet for my wedding for something new. When my future husband my best friend told my the entire time through the ceremony how beautiful I look and the fun times that we had with our photos and how our family danced and laughed.

The Honeymoon


O yes, we did, my sweet love took me to the most beautiful place Wild Horses. The best romantic getaway place ever. We were spoiled with the most delicious food and spa day and even more. I and my husband said for our anniversary we will always go there to celebrate the special day.

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My Special Day

I felt like a true queen the day. Everything that I dreamed of came true. My entire looked was just perfect. My hair and makeup was done by Adri she got it 110% right. My wedding dress I had 2 dresses and my awesome Aunt made it Elmarie she is a designer and she made my matric dress and now my wedding dress as you can see on my photos. Lol I always laugh about this I bought my shoes first the reel Cinderella shoes and my jewellery, my husband gave me as a wedding gift a beautiful gold and pearl necklace and my mom gave me a beautiful pearl bracelet and my wedding ring and engagement ring is just that beautiful that I can't describe it it's sparkles every time. And my lingerie was not white but Maroon it was silky and flowy that fit just right.

The Venue

We got married at Stoepsit just outside Vleesbaai in the Western Cape. Our guests didn't stay far but the stayed in Mosselbaai and Hartenbos.

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Wedding Elements

How I can Describe it, Like everybody's words it looked like Alice in Wonderland, with all the flowers and fairy lights, and the little white rabbit in the dome. The theme went all through. From where we got dresses from when we sat down as Mr. and Mrs. Roets...

We went for a pastel theme wedding to celebrate the beginning of summer here in the garden route in the western cape, and to make our special wedding a happy and friendly and family place.

In all our photos at the bottom you can see how lovely it looked.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

O my goodness, how handsome did they looked and especially my husband!!!!! Thanks to Mr. Suite Hire, they rented their suite there for the day. They whore a Dark Navy Suit, that had black lining with Brown Shoes and Brown Belt. My Husband wore a floral design tie that was black and silver/gray and the groomsmen wore a black bow tie.

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Beautiful Bridesmaids

How pretty they looked in their short knee hight pastel-colored dresses. All three bridesmaids had different dresses on but with the same cut and shape. The dresses were blue, light blue, and peace. Each dress had beading on it and had a floral lace top area that represented my wedding dress. We go these dresses at three different places. My maid of honor had the blue dress on, her dress was designed by my aunt that designed my wedding dresses. The Light blue one e bought at Pebbles here in Mosselbay. And the peace on we bought at a little boutique in Johanneberg.

Marriage Officer

Thank's to Dominee Gerhard from the AGS Mosselbay Church. He gave the most beautiful message to us when he did the ceremony.

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My Captured Moments

Eon Media!!!! What a team of Highly qualified professionalists in photography and videography. They did out Pre-Wedding Shoot and our special day. Thay captured every special moment of the day we got so many comments from our family on how they where on the run and where everywhere to get everything :-)

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The Wedding Planner

O yes thanks to Werner and Carel they where the ones that made out dreams come true we only had to say what we liked and what not and they did al the rest.

Wedding Transport

My mom and dad took me and my bridesmaids to the little cottage where we got dressed and my wonderful sister in law drove me in her luxury range rover sport to the venue. And after the wedding me and my husband drove to our overnight at Stoepsit little cottage where we got dressed in our Ford RS...

Food & Cake

Thanks to Stoepsit, they made the most delicious food ever everyone loved the food so much they could stop talking about it. We had a full boere kos meel from starter to desert yummy... And our cake was made by our Wedding Planners it was a three layer cakes, red velvet, white chocolate and carrot cake.

Wedding Stationery

Everything was done by our Wedding Planners they did all this and how lovely it came out.

The Reception and Entertainment

O yes, we did take dance lessons and how much fun it was, to tell the story my husband is an expat and works in the Congo so a week before the wedding when had to learn in for days how to dance LOL!!! But how beautiful it came out we did make a few mistakes but only we knew what they were. I will always dance with my husband my partner my best friends it felt so good.

Thanks to Absolute Dance they are the most friendly people and great teachers.

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