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Monique Rabe

Married on Nov 25, 2017 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


My memorable moment of my wedding was when the official married me and my husband and everyone we loved were around us.

The Honeymoon


Unfortunately we couldn't go on honeymoon, because my husband still has to work, and it is this time of year that they are the busiest. We decided when his work close for holidays we will go for a week away and then decide if we want to go on honeymoon in Amsterdam

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I whore a white dress with beading on the front and at the back it was tied with purple ribbon for our purple and silver wedding look . I whore my(was also my mother's) white wedding shoes. I whore 3 silver bangles on each arm for the beautiful purple and silver look, and I whore a small necklace with a clover on it. My nails where white with purple glitter and the ring finger was filled with purple gitter

The Venue

We got married at a venue called The Gr8 place. We are not religious and didn't want to get married in a church, so we let all our guests into the venue, where they all sat at their tables(not enough space for everything). So after we got married the guests knew already where to sit. Unfortunately the venue doesn't have place to stay the night, so all the guests including me and my husband needed to go home for the night.

Wedding Elements

We got married inside the venue. The tables where rectangle with white cloths and purple runners. The centerpieces where medium sized vases with small white rocks and purple water babies and white and purple flowers in. On top of the flowers we put our table numbers which was wooden numbers with purple glitter on the number and around the stem of the number where silver ribbon. We sat the centerpieces on top of 2 bricks that was covered with purple and silver gloss paper. The chairs had white chair covers on and had purple tiebacks. The venue supplied the juice for the guests and we had a spitbraai for our guests. It was delicious.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom whore a black suit with black shoes with different colours socks. He had a purple and white bouttannier. The groom decided he only wanted one groomsmen and that was his brother, he was the best man. He also whore a black suit with the purple and white bouttannier. The Groom bought his suit in Alberton City(not sure where). The best man had his suit that he bought for his wedding on.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

I also only had one bridesmaid, she is my sister in law and she was my maid of honour. She whore a long dark purple dress with a light purple corsage. She whore silver high heels and had her hair done, up style. She had seen the looks of the internet, I told her she could look how she feels comfortable in.

Marriage Officer

Our marriage officer where a woman, Alison. I've searched for someone on facebook, because we needed someone on short notice. Alison where the perfect candid, as she took us through everything step by step. I definitely would recommend her to anyone. She was so calm and as we went along with the ceremony she told us we don't have to stress she will guide us through, even if we forget anything.

My Captured Moments

One of our friends captured our special moments. She is a loving person and knows exactly what photos to take. I have given her a guides list for photos I want and she did exactly that. She went above and beyond to make our pictures perfect and also our special moments.

The Wedding Planner

I didn't have a planner. I planned my day with the help of my parents and parents in law and my maid of honour and here and there some family members. It was hectic, had pimples coming out every where but it was totally worth it.

Wedding Transport

I didn't have enough money for a transport so I asked my father if he could drive me to the wedding in his black city golf. I also thought as the guests won't see the car why then make the car up and hire a car.

Food & Cake

Meatworld in Alberton made our food. It was very delicious. We had the spit braai which was 3 meats (Lamb, Beef and Pork), we had 3 salads which was, Spicey noodle salad, Greek salad with olives and Potato salad. They supplied bread rolls, potatoes and onions.

The wedding cake was made by someone I also found on faceook, Sandra. It was a 4 tier cake. There was one cake on the left side with a Green emerald(Husbands birthstone) on, in the middle there where 2 tiers cake, on the top it had the cake topper (Mr and Mrs), and the last cake was at the right side with a Diamond(wife's birthstone) on. In between the left side and middle side cake there where white stairs to the middle top cake, and also the same on the right side.

Wedding Stationery

I designed and printed my one stationery. We decided our guests doesn't need programs or R.S.V.P cards or maps, because in today's time we have whatsapp and we can communicate a lot easier over whatsapp then on a piece of paper. I had scrolls for wedding invitations. I printed and cut the wedding invitation paper and glued it to the scrolls. We then tied a silver ribbon around the purple scroll paper and put it into a silver box and tied the silver box with a purple ribbon.

The Reception and Entertainment

We could affort a D.J so we wanted our family to get involve in our wedding. My brother took my mother's house sound system and we set it up at the venue. We made a playlist for him to guide him through everything. I must say for a house sound system it worked perfectly.
When me and my husband did our first dance we decided to let the parents join in, as they joined the guests followed. We really loved that everyone wanted to share our first dance with us.