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Melissa Semanego

Married on Nov 25, 2017 in Northern Cape



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Magical Moments


The Highlight of my day was that i had two wedding gowns and no one expected me to have 2 i loved both of them and the fact that they played my song Eternal love as we walked in to the reception and a thousand years it was the most beautiful and amazing dtime of my life. I can relive them as i speak.

The Honeymoon


We went to Zanzibar, ohh it was so amazing lovely warm weather. I was very much surprised when i found out where we were going. It was an out of this world experience.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My wedding look was modern to vintage look a little bit of both worlds. My hair was done by the most adorable ladie i know it was a style that represented the vintage look. Makeup was done by the same ladie it went from Coral peach to an all natural look with the color lipstick to bring out the oval shape of my lips. Shoes was very much flat as the environment didn't allow high shoes. 2 sets of different jewelry for 2 different wedding gowns. Not to much bling just enough to look amazing.

The Venue

Langberg Guest Farm in Kimberley N12, a few guests stayed over the rest drove back the same night after the wedding.

Wedding Elements

My deco was done by Nigel Londt i gave him my ideas and he ran with it all the way with the Modern to vintage look. Fresh flowers to an off white table cloth. With Coral Peach, gold and a touch of brown to bring the wooden effect out. A live band was present and there setup was good lighting was done by Nigel.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The Groom wore a Designer suit from and Indian designer from Johannesburg royal blue it was. The groomsmen wore white shirts, navy blue waist coa, brown ties and a light chocolate pants with designer Bass shoes.

Marriage Officer

Pastor R A Abrahams.

My Captured Moments

My photographer wow none other than the Starpix photography Lizell Muller she was and is the most ambitious and amazing person i know making u live the moment with each nap that is taken. The Video was done by Video Excellence Marcelle Nathanson Lizell and Marcelle works good together as they both are awsome two people.

The Wedding Planner

No planner. Delia at Langberg was the coordinator for my day.

Wedding Transport

No transport everything was walking distance.

Food & Cake

Langberg prepared the food and my cake was made by Elize.

Wedding Stationery

Mr Noboth Chitima.