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Married on Nov 24, 2017 in Gauteng


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How did your love story begin?


I walked into work at Wakaberry and I saw this handsome man cleaning down the machines, immediately I was attracted to him and we hit it off immediately.
After 1 year of on and off whilst I was at school, we finally made it official. 3 years later we are planning the wedding of our dreams.

Tell us all about the proposal.


We had gone away for the evening to the first place we had gone away to in Muldersdrift.
We had a romantic dinner party with our family and friends, when next moment the song "Marry Me" played on and he walked in with a bouquet of flowers; went down on one knee and asked if I'd spend the rest of my life with him.
The rest is history

The Honeymoon


We intended to go to Bali, however due to the Volcano we had to be rerouted to Thailand. We stayed at The Village Coconut Island Resort in Phuket - it was completely amazing. The experience was one of a lifetime.

Wedding Gallery


The Venue

We got married at Makiti Wedding Venue in Krugersorp
Most of our guests stayed over where we joined again for a lovely breakfast the next morning.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I did a detox the month before the wedding for a week - it really cleaned me out and helped with some weight loss - I tried to stick to my gym routine however it became too hectic closer to the wedding.
I went for a facial cleanse every month for about 4 months.
The rest takes care of itself and it also depends what you have time for - certain things don't work out like you plan.

Wedding Elements

Most of my decor I had to hire myself as Makiti didn't cater for what I wanted.
My underplates I imported from China, most of my decor I hired from the Wedding Warehouse, Decor Mechanics and the rest I borrowed from a friend who got married the year before.
The look i went for was gold and glass - gold candelabras with glass underplates with gold studs on the edge. Glass vases etc.
My flowers were done by a Bulgarian client of mine, Valentina - she was really good - she had the same vision as myself and could actually come up with something that I did not need to change at all. I had pink and white roses with gyp and a bit of greenery.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groomsmen wore black pants with suspenders - no jacket. I thought they looked really old school with class.
My husband wore a suit by Wedding and Suit International - he looked completely handsome. Their service is amazing and their work is outstanding - I would recommend them to anyone.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

They wore baby pink infinity dresses, with high ballerina buns
I wanted the elegant yet soft look

Marriage Officer

Father Fidgeon from Holy Rosary Catholic Church

My Captured Moments

We used Warren Anderson for our photographs and video. Unfortunately we did not seem to get plenty of photos as we would have hoped for as there was a huge storm which cut our shooting time in half.

The Wedding Planner

The great thing about Makiti is that they offer you a wedding planner and coordinator to assist with everything which was great, however I still had to use my aunt and close family friend to assist me on the day as I had brought most of my own decor in and Makiti had no idea how I wanted it set up.

Wedding Transport

As it was an hour away from home, I had to get ready at the venue therefore transport was not of importance to me

Food & Cake

The food was catered by Makiti.
The wedding cake was made Magnolia Cake & Bake - it consisted of Fruit Cake, Chocolate and Red Velvet it was absolutely divine. The fruit cake we have saved for our first baby though.

Wedding Stationery

My husband's best man's company Elegant Foil did the printing of our invitations, while I made our own menu's and table seatings.

The Reception and Entertainment

The DJ was given to us by Makiti - I thought he would be better as he sounded like he knew exactly what we wanted however I was a bit disappointed with him.
We had a gentleman come and play bag pipes while I entered and left the chapel as well as for the pre-reception - this is was a very memorable part of the wedding - I absolutely love bag pipes.
We took dance lessons ofcourse, just for a basic rhythm, even though we forgot most of it in the end - but it was fun.

Wedding Services Used