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Christee Gouws

Married on Nov 4, 2017 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


We had a beautiful country / vintage themed wedding.
Our venue manager was excellent and I really didnt have to worry at all on the day.
When I walked down the stairs and saw the garden with the light and perfect weather I wanted to cry.
Then I saw him at the end of the aisle. My now husband,I have been planning the wedding for 2 years now and when I looked at him it was all worth it.

I think what touched me the most was my friends and family being around them , chatting seeing everyone really just relax and celebrate us.

Was a truely amazing day.

The Honeymoon


We travelled a bit then stayed in Ballito for 4 days, at a beautiful bnb that looked right on the sea.
We did whale watching , hiking and although we had booked for a snorkel but a horrible storm hit so we had to change our plans.
Its ok , though, my husband saved me from drowning and loosing my bikini so he showed absolute chivalry.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I went for a very vintage look, bohemian look.
My hair was done by a stylist I knew she also did the hair for my bridesmaids and a last minute pamper for my mom.
My Jewellery comprised of my wedding ring and Friedman Diamond earings that have been passed down in the family. I also had a hair clip that I got from Lace and Jewels online store.
My dress we managed to find at a boutique on the discount rack . I was struggling to find an a line dress that would go with my theme. My mom did the lace as I had fallen in love with the lace before I found the dress (hehe). She was so nervous nut an amazing job.
My something blue was a garter we made from the remaining lace.

I was a true DIY bride and even did my shoes.

I tutor kids and one of my clients is a makeup artist and she did my makeup which I think looked great.

The Venue

We had our wedding at Elsje's Country Inn. It has 2 beautiful gardens to get married in an open chapel and a main hall.
We made use of the main hall and garden.

We had several guests stay over and have breakfast the next day including a wheelchair bound guest who was more than comfortable.
We also slept over in the suite which they had done up so nicely for us.

The food was amazing and I honestly feel like they where family.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I have always used the best products on my skin so I didn't need to worry but my hair had been the longest its been since I was in highschool and it couldn't be thinned out because of my braid updo. I used Aussie Long hair shampoo and a tangle teazer and after that it was smooth sailing.
My one good friend sells slimming products so 2 weeks before the wedding I tried her weight-loss coffee slimroast and I lost 4kgs.
I am a runner so I just kept up with that.

Wedding Elements

Our wedding colours where navy, grey, toupe and salmon pink with rose gold as our metallic.
I wanted to retain the vintage/Bohemian look without making it too heavy.

We thus used alot of suttle colors, and greenery.

I love bunting so it took my mom amd I 1 Saturday but we made enough bunting for an army barrack.

We also collected tons of bottles which I painted our colours.

I also scanned sales at Mr price and most of my other boards and signage we used this.

I supported a local street vendor near us and bought all my flowers and greenery from him. It cost a fraction of the price.

We used my husband's late fathers old travel case which went with our colours and used this as a "gifts and cards" box.

We had a sweet table that our guests helped themselves to afterwards.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groomsmen got their suites at Eurosuite and the groom got his from The Dress Suite Company.

The groomsmen wore navy suites and the groom a grey suite.

They accessorized with funky socks and bow ties (my father gave the groomsmen a bowtie from his collection).

The groom bought his game of thrones inspired bowtie online from a local store.

They all wore tan shoes which tied in nicely.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My brodesmaids all wore navy short dresses ordered directly from Hoidon Bridesmaids.
We where all very happy.
My flower girl wore a Salmon pink dress that her mom wore to my moms wedding as a flower girl.
The girls wore ballet style navy shoes from Mr Price.

I got them some jewellery from Lace and Jewels online along with my head piece.
I was really happy with the results

Marriage Officer

My Dad's one friend is a Minister who offered to do our service.

He was great and we loved his kind words.

My Captured Moments

I swear shes the best phptographer . She didnt break our budget and her work is top form.
She even helped me with lacing up my dress .

Thank you Alouise from HayKay photography.

The Wedding Planner

If you call my book , the book as any of our vendors came to know it by , a planner sure.

Otherwise nope.

Wedding Transport

We had our wedding at one venue so ws didn't need transport.

Food & Cake

Our food was supplied by the venue which was delicious.

Our cake... Oh our cake.
It was to die for really. We had a rough icing cake , 3 layers with a chocolate bottom with caramel and chuckles filling and 2 layers of victorian sponge with pilof amd whit chocolate filling. It was italian butter cream which means the icing didnt sweet in the heat. It was just perfect. Thank you Chantal from The Victorian Secret.

Our toppers where 2 wooden bunnies that I got made for me by a street vendor.

Wedding Stationery

My Aunt is an award winning graphic designer ( owner of kitch design). She offered to design my stationary and invites which where perfect.

I then went to minute men press and printed them on stock I had selected from a scrap booking shop.
That saved me alot.

The Reception and Entertainment

We didnt take dance lessons , as my husband is just neevous about dancomg and didnt want to practise imfront of other people so I taught him at home.
In order to build my husband's confidence and break his nerves we did a fun dance before we waltzed and ot worked out perfectly.

Our DJ was epic we used NiteLife productions. Our package included mood lights which looked great. I was nervous bought the smoke machine but he didnt over do if and was such a grwat guy to work with!!