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Caitlin Reuben

Married on Nov 4, 2017 in Kwa-Zulu Natal


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Magical Moments


Hmm, where do I start. Firstly I would like to say on the day off my wedding my family and I had a bet that I would be 2hours late for my wedding because I am always late. To their surprise I was super early. I had to wake for the groom to arrive at the church. They had my wedding car driver going in circles just so that the groom arrives first. My sons speech, It was so heart warming, his speech just made his father's and my heart melt. His father and I got married after 10 years and to hear him say now our family is complete is amazing coming from a young lad. The food was amazing...and the décor my word was wow... I literally said wow when I walked into the reception. I had a Paris themed wedding and the lady did a splendid job I must add. On a lighter not my wedding cake was melting, gosh I was so stressed, thank God it started melting from the back and the guest could not see it but when they asked us to cut the cake my hubby was hesitating but I must say with all the ups and downs my hubby gave me the wedding of my dreams.

The Honeymoon


We did go to a hotel call The Royal Hotel

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I wanted a princess look so I had the most beautiful tiara, long soft curls, subtle pink eyes and lips and a princess ball gown. I had a silver glittery necklace and bracelet. My shoes was a Cinderella shoe, closed toe with a glittery silver heel. Hmmm lingerie...I love my pinks so I had a sexy pink lingerie

The Venue

I got married at Tarsus Full Gospel Church in Chatsworth, Durban and I had 200 guest.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Health and Fitness to fit into their dresses

Wedding Elements

I had a Paris themed wedding, Eiffel tower and fairy lights, candelabra's and purples stage lighting effects was wow.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

They wore suits. All was found at china mall in Durban

Beautiful Bridesmaids

The wore infinity dresses and we got it from Stuio96

Marriage Officer

Pastor Charles Naidu

My Captured Moments

Bishen Mohan. He is such a wonderful and bubble soul. So fun to work with. We used a Paris theme selfie board instead of a photo booth

The Wedding Planner


Wedding Transport

I arrived in a BMW sport car and my hubby arrive in a Golf 7 GTI

Food & Cake

Shafiks Catering prepared my wedding breyani and Mels Cakes baked my amazing Paris themed cake

Wedding Stationery

I had a friend help me do so . We did the retinue cards on ice cream sticks

The Reception and Entertainment

We hired a local DJ, DJ Alz