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Belinda de Bruto

Married on Nov 4, 2017 in North West Province


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How did your love story begin?


"Life is nothing without Passion" Emma Michelle
Our love story began not too long ago. First as acquaintences at the gym, then friends of friends, and after one exciting evening, our story was written in the stars.
Martin, a personal trainer, inspred me as newbie in the gym, to aim high and reach my goals. Our shared passion for the gym lay a solid foundation for our love for each other.
Everyday is a fairytale story, as we embark on our future lives together as a couple, family and gym partners.
"Couples who train together, Stay together"

Tell us all about the proposal.


Martin is a hopeless romantic.
One dreary, wet december afternoon, Martin arrived home and told us, my 2 beautiful children and I, to dresss up, we are off to a surprise photoshoot.
I was oblivious to his sneaky plans he had for the afternoon. On arrival, I still had no clue as to what lay ahead.
Our photographer, a dear and close friend, was in cahoots with Martin and played along so well, as to not give away the surprise of the engagment.

Our last photo, I was instructed to pose for a staggered photo. I was in front, Martin slightly behind me, and Eune and Meyer were slightly behind him on a blanket with two boards saying, "He is addicted to her love" and " And in Love with
her Soul".

Click Click, photo done, Martin then asked me to turn around, and there he was. On one knee, a ring box in hand, excited yet emoitional, 'Will you marry me?'.

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