Married on Nov 17, 2017 in Gauteng

Ashley & Ashley

My Husband and I met 4 years ago, two years ago we gave birth to a little surprise blessing. we chose not to marry for our child but rather one day for us and our love.

We always were an icebreaker with our names being exactly the same, and when we really needed to break the ice we would mention the craziest thing, Both our moms names are HEATHER!
We have had all the jokes from Ashes squared to asking if our child could be names Phoenix cause he "Rose from the Ashes" :P

I am blessed to now be married to the most genuine, caring, selfless person I know. Not a day goes by that I cant wait to get home to him. He is my best friend who I can party with and we go everywhere together. He is my Rock cause as women we need a Veeeeeery understanding partner lol. And he is also the most incredible Father to my little boy, he would take on the world to make sure he gets the best family, upbringing and attention everyday.

Although we didn't do things in order (Marriage then Home then Baby) I wouldnt change a thing, it makes out story who we are and shows how strong we are as a team and that we can overcome Anything side by side. :)


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Magical Moments


When my 3 meter veil got stood on as I walked down the isle and my head got yanked back!! Lol. That's one for the photo album.

When my Husband was adamant he wouldn't cry and you could always tell straight away cause his eyes go bright red and they did!!

When my 2 year old Son didn't recognize me and wouldn't come to his mommy, I spent the rest of the day contemplating if it was an insult or a compliment! ha ha!

The night before the wedding my best friend from Cape Town pitches up at my house! I haven't seen her in a year and announces she is my surprise bridesmaid! I cried like a baby I was so happy. my mom had secretly got her a gift, dress, hair and makeup and all. All I had to do was enjoy having the one missing link that made my wedding complete.

The Honeymoon


We went to w tiny island off Thailand called Koh Tao! very rustic and the main transport was scooters.
We hired a pink scooter (my favorite colour) and spent all our days going to different sites, beaches and restaurants trying all the cuisines.
So relaxing and very lazy holiday (Humidity was 95%)

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Rainbow, colourful and all a surprise!!!

The Venue

Shepstone Gardens

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I dieted a bit lol.
Didn't really do much else.

Wedding Elements


My Groom And His Groomsmen

Colourful suspenders and matching shoelaces, with superhero shirts underneath :)

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Simple infinity dress, all in different colours and two tones with high low effect.

Who was your marriage officer?

Stephen Van Basten - Amazing guy!!!!

My Captured Moments

Nigel Cosway Photography!! So excited and enthusiastic about every moment, every second he could steal us for more pics he did :)

The Wedding Planner

My mom :)

Food & Cake

Dlish made my cake Pop wedding cake
Word of mouth made all the food, everyone loved and devoured all of it!

The Party and Entertainment

We took dance lessons cause my dresses skirt came off during the dance, needless to say we didn't get it right on the day but that makes the best memories :)