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Vinoulia Bester

Married on Oct 27, 2017 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


27 Oct 2017 @ 5h30 I just could no longer stay in bed .... it was my big day and I wanted to shout it out to the entire world to know. The day I have been dreaming of is here, the day I have been praying for is here, the man of my dreams is soon going to be MY HUSBAND!
I have quite a few highlights that I keep going back to and play over again and it makes me so emotional but in a good and happy way.
1. My best friend that moved to Namibia came down for my wedding she was my maid of honour that to me was one of the biggest gifts I could receive on my day, to have her right by my side and witness the special day.
2. My 2 beautiful kids was part of our special day, I was previously married and have to kids with my ex husband, but they very much part of our family and Chris (my new man) sees them as his own its like I had the kids with him and we are a real family, with real feelings, with real dreams and our one goal is as long as we together, love each other and are happy we don't need anything ells. My kids was a very big part of our day, and man did they enjoy every moment and wow did they look beautiful.
3. Walking down the aisle with my 2 brothers they are a very big part of my life and I cant see them not in it.... they bring balance and tranquillity to my life and I was really emotional could not hold the tears back when I saw the 2 handsome men being part of my big day.
4. The moment of truth the moment I waited for, for almost a year seeing my Man`s face and the tears rolling down his beautiful face and so happy to see my. Even while typing this mail it brings tears to my eye. God gave me a second change at love, and he send me the perfect match. Chris is gentle, loving, kind and he puts me up on a pedestal and always makes sure I am happy even if it means he needs to sacrifice something. He walked into my life knowing I have 2 kinds and a history. And it did not put him of once, he took the 3 of us and make it his. The love and respect I have for this man there is no words, I married my best friend, my soul mate and definitely the love of my life that day. What a special moment it was when I could stand next to him in front of our family and friends and know that very soon I will say I do.
5. Then then the I do moment and THAT KISS!!! o man did I wait for that kiss to seal the deal.
6. We had a very small and intimate wedding only 50 guest this made extra special we could spend time with everyone and get to eat together, have chats here and there and just be in the moment together.
7. One of our favourite South African Artist Charlize Berg did some amazing songs a while back and as we where searching for the opening of the dance floor song, It hit is why not the song of Charlize Berg - As jy weet dis liefde and it was perfect. Then my fiancé at that time still surprised me and said why not get her to sing it for us at the wedding, that was quite a big moment for both of us. So yes we got her at our wedding to sing 3 songs for us and it was magical.
8. Our entire wedding day was PERFECT!!! I got the fairy-tale wedding my man spared no cost I got everything I wanted, and definitely the happy ending!

The Honeymoon


As I thought life could not get any better it did......
I did not know the destination of our honeymoon it was a surprise till 2 days before the wedding. WOW right.
Our wedding was on a Friday we had breakfast with the guest that stayed over on the venue, and we left for home to get our bags that was packed 2 days before LOL. And of we went to the air port.....
My husband planned one amazing honeymoon, we got to Jhb Airport and our first flight was to Dubai, then Maale, and then the beautiful Maldives O MY WORD what a magical place. It was just me and him and this beautiful resort. We stayed at Diamond Athurga - your day would play off with a buffet breakfast, coffee or a cocktail LOL after breakfast under the palm trees looking out on the crystal clear blue water. You would then decide if you wanted to go out on the boats for some adventure deep sea diving, snorkelling or even just fun in the water. If you stay on the island there is all kinds of activities you can participate in. At 11 there will be light snacks and drinks, and then we make ready for lunch at 13h00 again its a buffet lunch, we would after lunch go back down to the beach bar and have a cocktail and just laze around, after 3 in the afternoon you enjoy the cool waters and a bit of tan in the sun, some days we would take a nap. You would then wake up late afternoon and finish up for supper in the restaurant. Dinner time was always very romantic, and again buffet dinner every night they would have a different theme and they would also prepare the food according to the theme. We also had one of the BEST massages in the world there on the island. Our time in Maldives was really great best quality time we had ever, and being with the person I love and building memories is what its all about.

On our return flying back to Dubai we had 2 very busy days there, there is so much to see and explore that 2 days is really not enough. But we had some amazing sight seeing's Dubai is really beautiful and definitely a bucket list. Coming back to SA was sad as I did not want the time together with no back to reality to come to an end.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Because I had the opportunity to have my second wedding, I really thought about my look..
I kept it classic with a hint of flair.
My dress was designed by Kyna Consili I gave her a couple of picture and ideas and just to let you know my husband actually sort of designed my dress, it was a full body lace with open back and not to much to show at the front, the bottom was 100 of pieces of material hanging down making the gown look soft and elegant.

My hair was a soft up style with pieces hanging softly on different places and then a glass hair piece was added to the back.

Make up was red carpet ready, it was everything I really wanted and so much more. I googled a few makeup artist but did not really find what I was looking for I did not want the standard bridal make up I really wanted something WOW and wanted to leave a statement. I got hold of a Lady that is on social media and has her own block and youtube page. KandyKane she has hands made out of magic. My make up was really beautiful and it left all the ladies at the wedding asking me who did my make up as it was really something that stood out.

I had very little lingerie as my dress was so low and open at the back there was place for a bra, I got very soft lacy panties to match my lacy top op my dress.

Shoes I really wanted something specific so this was quite a search for me, I had a blush pink heel with a strap over the front of your foot and a diamond strap on the ankle of your foot and the stones on the piece was all different colours, it really finished off my look, I am a big shoe person and my shoes always needs to be the statement.

Jewellery I did not really wanted to much bling as I wanted the attention on the dress, I went for long diamond earrings and a small 3 band diamond bracelet. And then all these stones picked up the glass hair piece in my hair.

The Venue

We got married in the Cradle of Human Kind in Mildersdrift. Venue is called Cradle Valley Guesthouse and Wedding venue, so what made us fall in love with the venue is the people there, they are warm, kind and so helpful. Nothing was ever to big for them to handle, and they really go out of there way from the front office staff, to the waiters, to the staff helping on the day of the wedding, the wedding co-ordinator, the managers, EVERYONE helps. The reason we decided on the venue was the day we went for the tour and seeing what the venue looks like, the owner Wilme took us around that was something very special, we go to the church where its a big open plan building with only a roof no windows overlooking the mountains and the rivers, and in the middle of the church we where told the story of the church benches that was there and we got goose bumps and I oveasly tears in my eyes I was in the opposite direction of the church when this story was told and both me and Chris looked at each other and said this is it. This is where we want to do our I Do`s. we did not even see the rest of the venue and we said we sold. Where do we sign :-)

Almost all our guest could sleep over on the venue and the ones that couldn't found accommodation 3 km down the road and they all joined us for a Mr and Mrs Breakfast the next morning. The offers eighteen stylish and tastefully furnished bedrooms serviced with en-suite bathrooms, all with patios, private entrances, and with beautiful views from every window. The rooms offer the comfort and luxury to make sure you’ll want to return, and no effort has been spared in making your stay amemorable one. Rest assured that attention to detail has taken comfort, convenience and personal service to new heights.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I started skin treatment in April 2017, I do suffer from bad skin since I have been in school and really tried quite a lot of products, so my sister in law introduced me to Nimue.

I went for the assessment and got the products that I needed to use, I was also told that they suggest that I go for a facial at least once a month so I was on a mission to get my skin sorted out and clowning as they say for my wedding day. I went for my treatments and also stick to the plan. 2 months before the wedding I pushed my facials up t 2 a month and I also went for 2 different facials to cleans the skin and then to treat the skin. 1 week before my wedding my beauty therapist at Emperors palace in Johannesburg said that she has these magic ampules called no more stress and she recommends that I use it. Its only 7 ampules I put on every morning after cleaning my face, O WOW did my face glow it was absolutely beautiful I could not wear make up and get so many compliments, even after the wedding day my skin is in an amazing condition best ever! I am very happy with Nimue and the results I got.

The day before the wedding I treated myself and my bridesmaids to a spa treatment on the venue, the wedding co-ordinator arranged for a spa up the road to come and do a set up in the bridal suit for the 3 of us. What a spoil just as we thought ok there cant be anymore massaging they start with your feet or hands again 3 hours of pure relaxation.

I also used Pure White teeth whitening for 2 weeks before the wedding just to add that extra sparkle to my smile.

Wedding Elements

How do I describe the décor.............. hmmmmmm
The venue is an intimate & romantic country setting and is set against the Zwartkop Mountain, overlooking the Dam and Horse Paddocks.You will find a welcoming ambience with its unique look and feel - Flair without the formality.
And I did not want to spoil the setting of the venue, this venue needs no extras as it has what you need to feel loved, romantic and special on your big day. We went with the theme of the venue and added lace, glass and soft colours of flowers and wood.

The reception is in a big open space that has 9 doors that opens up to not miss the view, the roof is laid out with bamboo and thousands of fairy lights softening the atmosphere and giving it that romantic feeling. The crystal chandeliers and wooden frame mirrors is the centre point of the reception area, there where 12 seater Oregan Pine Tables with matching chairs that had lace and pearl stings on every second chair at the back taken to the side. The tables where covered with lace runners from the finest material, adding glass base plates, crystal glasses whine and champagne, blush pink napkins with a dark leather twine tied around with each guest name on and a black berries to round the look of. The table was covered from one end to the other in the middle with Crystal candelabra, glass bowls in small, medium and large filled with soft pink hydrengeas, white hydrangea, fait roses, pink dendrodrium stems, white phellanopsis orchid stems, small wooden squares where put on the table for height and elusion. There where pillar candles with matching pearl candles, baby pillar candles with a soft blush colour candle. The tables was exquisite, it was soft, it was romantic it was perfect. The light in the room was all the candles that was lit on and the fairy lights. And the light of the outside as the sun when down coming in.

The wedding colours where Navy blue and Blush pink we added some of the navy blue in the menu's, name tags and the thank you boxes as I did not want to break the soft and romantic feeling the tables gave, and it was just enough navy blue.

All the décor was rented form the venue also the flowers. I did not have to go out to any supplier to look for anything as all was done in-house.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Grooms men look amazing, they where all dress in navy blue suits with white shirts and navy blue caftans and matching waist coats. They cleaned up there look with brown belts and brown smart shoes. The groom, along with his best man, and 2 grooms men and then our little boy dressed the same and it was picture perfect.

We got there wedding suits and accessories from Euro Suits in Eastrand (Johannesburg). There shoes was from Aldo store.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

I had 2 bridemaids and 1 maid of honour and our little flower girl.

The flower girls dress was also made at the same place I had my dress made, Kyna Consilli and she wanted a dress just like mommies. We also went for lace on the top part of her dress and the same bottom as mine only difference was her dress was navy blue and was rounded of with a diamond belt around her waist.

The bridesmaids dresses they shopped at YDE it was full navy blue lace with a bottom colour of blush coming through, they had long dresses with strapless on the top.

The maid of honour I am not sure where she got her dress from, it was also navy blue with lace.

The one thing that also played a big roll in the wedding was I asked the guest to all wear the colours of the wedding. And it worked so well.



Marriage Officer

It was very close friends of ours father, Bill Taylor what a good soul of a man. It was really a blessing to have them part of the day. We went through pre- marriage consoling 2 months before the wedding and it was really the foundation of what we believe in and what we wanted to build our marriage on. We became more then just pastor and couple relationship we really build a strong and honest relationship with them, his wife Julia Taylor was also part of our sessions and the difference of these 2 people is the day we said we do they also said we do. They took the oath with us. And they are committed to our wedding as we are.

My Captured Moments

We had the pleasure of sharing our day with 2 very cool ladies in Abundance Photography its a family business Alet who is the owner and then her sons girlfriend so she is kind of her daughter in law. These 2 compliment each other so well, and they really capture the moments you missed or wondered about. We had our engagement shoot done by them and man was that a fun shoot, Alet and Kalin capture the moments that you don't have to "pose "for its those silly moments, those really romantic moments, the laughing moments and the once you did not even know they where there. They walk a road with you and they adapt to the person you as a couple are. And they build the story around that.

The Wedding Planner

Yes we had the amazing Lauren from Cradle Valley she is based on the venue and she is so hands on! She gave me the most beautiful picture perfect wedding day! LOL if I think about it now I gave her an idea and send some pictures of what I wanted, she replied back with all these fancy words of flowers, candles and glass vases and she send me a hand drawn picture I just said ok it looks fine, not really knowing what I said yes to. She really overshot with my expectations it was so much more of what I wanted. She made my day beyond perfect. And stress free, I was a very lucky bride to enjoy spending time with the girls, I was asked only 1 question and that was if my bouquet was what I wanted she did not bug me with one thing other then that. It was like she was in my head and took out what I wanted.

Wedding Transport

No transport as everything was on the venue and walking distance.

Food & Cake

All the food from the canapés to the meal in the reception was done on site by there chef....

Cake was done through a family member recommendation Gregg, its his part time business and let met tell you she was beautiful!! we had a naked caked done with fresh flowers.

Wedding Stationery

A lady in Cape Town Emmerensia she runs her own little business Oh Yay... I thought that the process will be stress full because of her being in Cape Town and I am in Joburg bur it wasn't at all.

The Reception and Entertainment

The wedding party after all the formalities was done and we kept that short. Was one big party I don't even remember if I really sat down once we all started dancing.

Dj was a supplier the venue recommended, we also met up with Tony before what a sweet man. His vibe he bought to the wedding was on point.

And then we had Charlize Berg to sing live to us for the grand entrance and opening song.

Wedding Services Used



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Kyna Consili

Kyna Consili

Kyna Consili offers a royal experience to all our clients. We specializes in dresses for every occasion, from Weddings to red carpet dresses, pageants and Matric Farewell dresses.

Perfect Tone Music

Perfect Tone Music

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Kandy Kane

Kandy Kane

Perfection is boring!

In Abundance Photography

In Abundance Photography

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Oh Yay

Oh Yay

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Cradle Valley Wedding Venue & Guest Lodge

Cradle Valley Wedding Venue & Guest Lodge

Our attention to detail has taken comfort, convenience and personal service to new heights. No effort will be spared to make your wedding day a memorable one.