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Jodine Coetzer

Married on Oct 7, 2017 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


Highlights was definitely when I walked into the church and seeing my husband , then also had a suprise father and daughter dance not the normal dance , also we wanted some games to make it fun for our guests - we came up with a dummie throw for all the married couples to see who will have a baby soon

The Honeymoon


Our honeymoon was amazing . We went to Zanzibar what a amazing place - hakuna matata - when they greet you they say "Jumbo" in the beginning I would laught as all I could think of when they said Jumbo is " where is he ( I would then look with a suprise face to my husband ) and think where is the pink elephant that is in the cartoons " we also met 2 other couples that was also just married and we all had so much fun and laughter together

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I wanted something different , hair was plane jane " rained just when we started to take photo's " my hair turned into poedel lol not what a bride wanted , my wedding dress I wanted something different , the dress was made for me the 1ste person did not make it as I wanted " had a very small budget" and then this loveley person came into my life and did what I wanted to my dress , I did not want high heels as I'm 1,80 m tall wanted flats that is pointy , luckly my mom had my back and my husband wrote a special message on the bottom of my shoes , as I was working all the time my mom also had my back with my jewellery "bling as every girl loves bling " and she even surprised me with lingerie - nice and white

The Venue

We got married at Waenhuiskraal in Pretoria - just what we wanted a farm style wedding , I remember when we went to see the wedding venue I told my fiance I want sheep on our wedding to my suprise they had sheep when we drove in , the guests stayed over at the venue they all had to camp which made it fun for them not something they do everyday

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I did not have any beauty regime as I was working all the time with allot of stress , I luckly lost some weight by not eating starch at night but the rest I had to wing

My Groom And His Groomsmen

My husband got his suit from markams he wanted something that is well fitted and he looked stunnig in it , it was light grey /camel colour , groomsmen we wanted something different so we also got them green slim fit pants " as our wedding colour was green " at markams we wanted them to have the same belt colour - tan so we also got them the same belts , they all had a white shirt and tan belts and tan shoes with the green slim fit pants

Beautiful Bridesmaids

As our wedding colour was green and had a buget we looked every where to find green dresses , I did not know green would be so hard to find our only option left was to make the dresses , luckly the material cost was very cheap and all my bridesmaids had someone that could make the dresses for them which was a bonus

The Wedding Planner

No we did not have a planner , we saw the special at our dream wedding venue and had only 3 months to plan our wedding , luckley I have amazing husband and he helped so much with the wedding arrangements and made so much decor by himself

Wedding Transport

We had no transport as we got ready at the wedding venue which is a bonus and so much cheaper ;)

Food & Cake

The food was made by our wedding venue which was include in the wedding package - it was amazing "boere kos " and all the guests loved their food , we did not want a normal wedding cake as we wanted to use the wedding cake as snacks after the wedding ceremony in the church while we took photos which saved alot of money , my auntie made our cake consisting of droe wors and biltong the top layer was cake - best of both world