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Daleen du Toit

Married on Oct 28, 2017 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


My most memorable moments:
I will begin to say I had the opportunity to have both my mother and father with me.I am the only child and we are a very close family. It has always been one off my biggest fears that one of them would not be able to see me on this day.

Secondly, standing next to Stephan in church, we are both introverts and big groups of people is not something that we feel comfortable with. The moment we stood together and I held his hand, all the shivers and stress disappeared. At that moment I calmed down and it was as if everything just became about that we waited for for so long.

Then the moment the doors opened to our wedding venue "Cabrieres", while all the guest was waiting inside. A song called " Bazaruto" by Georic Lomas started to play. We walked in on the chorus I could not help myself, I danced on my own and waved my flowers in the air, the introvert at that moment left myself and I could shout to the was the most amazing feeling...It was finally true and I wanted everyone to feel this feeling with me.

Then seeing my mom and dad from across our table. It was as if I could see they where happy and proud at the same time. I am there only child and have always tried to be the best I can be because they've always tried to give me the best in life, I am the women today because of what they taught me...on that day it was as if they could show all our friends and family their pride, that was me....and they are mine.

Lastly, the moment me and Stephan got to our room, Kleine Nektar in Montagu.
We were like two excited children, we always said how crazy it sounds, that we are husband and wife...what a amazing honor. Right after we got married we immediately felt as if everything has changed as if peace just filled our hearts. We are one...and it was blessed by our God.

The Honeymoon


Yes we did, we went to Phuket in Thailand. Our hotel were called Novotel Phuket Resort.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Wedding look was just classic.
My hair and make-up as easy to decide once I saw my wedding dress. I wanted my hair curly and loose but because of my busy upper part of my dress I decided to take my hair up.
My wedding dress was at the first store I tried on and I immediately knew it was my dress. I did want to try on any more dresses. Bridal Allure.
My shoes was from Aldo in a nude colour.
Jewellery was from Swarovski, I wore a bracelet and only earrings.
One diamond hair piece once my hair was taken up.
My flowers was easy once I saw a picture. It was dark Maroon Arum Lily's with dark red roses and smaller different shades of red flowers. It is the one item I wish I could just once more hold in my hand. It is a special feeling holding your wedding flowers.

Bridal Allure

Bridal Allure

Bridal Allure is one of Cape Town’s largest & most respected wedding stores with a reputation for professional, personal service and individual attention.

The Venue

We got married in the NG Church in Montagu, Western Cape.
Our venue was Cabrières in Montagu.
It is a old cellar that the owner use as an wedding venue on their family farm. It seats 120 guests. She also arranged our flowers, décor and food.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Not really. I moved towns about two months before the wedding. I started a new job as I relocate to Robertson where we live now. It was quite stressful the move and the new job. The one thing I did do before the wedding was teeth whitening.
Besides a plan of a good diet the plan did not always work as well :)

Wedding Elements

Our tables was covered in a white table cloth.
The middle of the tables had glass mirrors as runners on the table.
On the glass we had a row of candles burning with single white orchards scattered in between the candles.
We had about 224 candles burning that evening only on the tables.
Glass candle chandeliers was placed on each table for height.
We had big colourful arrangements on pillars once you entered the cellar.
In the isle from the roof we had flowers hanging as I wanted a forest type feel.
We had a tent connected to the venue entrance with lights. We use the tent as a dance area.
My candles and the colour of the flowers were perfect.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Suit from Alliance.
Shirt from Edgards.
Shoes from Aldo.
Socks from Polo.
Belt from Mont blanc.
Cuff links from Mercedes-Benz (shaped in the ivory gear lever of an old car like our wedding car)
Tie from de Jagers.
Tie pin from my father which he wore when he was a young man.
Flower a Maroon Aarum Lily

Suit from Alliance.
Tie from de Jagers
Flower a dark red rose.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

I gave my bridesmaid the opportunity to choose her own dress and design. We looked at a couple of dresses and decided on a dress from Jacoba's clothing. It had see through sleeves and was navy. We could not decide between navy or maroon. I just wanted her to love her dress and feel comfortable on the day with me!

Jacoba Clothing

Jacoba Clothing

At Jacoba, we make getting your bridal party dresses super easy.

Marriage Officer

Ds Johan Dorfling from Robertson.

My Captured Moments

Purepix photography and video took our photos, Charl and Trudene, we did not have a photo booth but we had a old Mercedes cut out of cardboard which people took photos with, they sat and posed behind it which then looked like as if they were driving in the car.

The Wedding Planner

No, no wedding planner, the lady from the venue did most of the planning for us.

Wedding Transport

Were both passionate about Mercedes-Benz, and both members of the Mercedes-Benz Club of SA, we especially like the older models. My husband owns two of the models that we used and 6 of his friends also has the same model, all from the 60's and 70's. We used them to park outside of the church in formation, my bridesmaid and I went to the church with his parents 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE350d(silver), my husband and his best man went to church with a friends 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SE cabriolet(silver) and our main wedding car which my husband and I left the church with was a 1963 Mercedes-Benz 220SEb cabriolet(ivory).

Food & Cake

Cabrieres, our wedding venue did all the food and drinks. Our wedding cake was locally made (Elsabe Robinson). It was a chocolate mouse cake with berries and two white owls as our mascot.

Wedding Stationery

My bridesmaids sister is a graphic designer and she designed all our invites.

The Reception and Entertainment

No dance lessons, we practice once or twice. Sound and Lighting was recommended by the venue and we decided to go with him as he has done lots of weddings at Cabrieres and we have been at weddings where he played before. Francois Joubert.

Wedding Services Used

Jacoba Clothing

Jacoba Clothing

At Jacoba, we make getting your bridal party dresses super easy.

Bridal Allure

Bridal Allure

Bridal Allure is one of Cape Town’s largest & most respected wedding stores with a reputation for professional, personal service and individual attention.