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Celeste van Rensburg

Married on Oct 21, 2017 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


The moment I opened my eyes one of my bridesmaid (My Best Friend) was standing in front of me with a cup of coffee and told me that today is the day that you are going to marry the man of your dreams. As soon as she said that, we both started crying (of Happiness) and she gave me a tight hug.

That whole week the weather was miserable. It was raining, windy and very cold. The night before the wedding before I went to bed, I went on my knees, asking God that the weather would calm down and that He would blessed our special day like He has blessed our relationship from the moment we have met. The morning I woke up, I opened the curtains and the sun was shining and was perfect. That was a memorable moment that I will never forget.

Just before I got dressed my Husband (Fiance at that time) came to the place where I got ready and we wanted to pray together as this is the new start for us and that God will blessed the day even more and bless our lives together. My Husband prayed for us and said the most beautiful word. We also got baptized together the day before the wedding.

The moment when me and my dad walked down the aisle, everyone looked at us with love and happiness in their eyes. When I saw the man of my dreams, I saw that he got tears in his eyes.

When we had our photo shoot it was memorable because instead of posing, we had so much fun. While they were taking pictures we made jokes and laughed and at the end our photos came out perfect and natural.

My husband's best friend gave a speech and his words to me was unforgettable. How he thanked me for changing my husbands life in a good way. How he start seeing love in my husbands eyes, having more motivation and want to achieve more since he met me. What was so memorable is when he said that we are a good example of true love and that he prays that he can have the same love someday. And when my husband gave a speech, how his words got me and everyone into tears. His loving words saying that I am his world and thank me that I brought him closer to God and that we went through a lot and we are stranger than ever.

The Honeymoon


We took a road trip and went to Port Elizabeth. We stayed at the Broadwalk Hotel.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Our wedding look was a Old world classical look.
Hair & Makeup - My hair was old fashion and Makeup was a modern look
Wedding dress - The wedding dress was a combined look of Traditional and modern. The Traditional part was the very long trail princess look and the modern look part was that the style of the dress was trumpet. It's a cut between a modified A- line and a Mermaid cut with a heart shape Boob Tube.
Shoes - I made my shoes myself. I took one of my old shoes and then decorated the shoes myself. I wanted vintage lace shoes and couldn't find this specific style anywhere, so I decided to make it myself. My wedding shoes was a old world classical look.
Jewellery - My jewellery was also traditional, classic and elegant look. I had the whole pearl look. My earrings, necklace, and extra ring was pearls.
Accessories - My mother made my wedding veil and she design and made it, to have a classical look with pearls on the veil clip to fit in with my pearl jewellery. My clip in my hair also had pearls on it.

The Venue

We got married in De Uijlenes in Gansbaai. It was the Nightjar Venue. Our guest stayed at the venue as our venue provided accommodation.

De Uijlenes

De Uijlenes

With two equally unique and different wedding venues on the farm to choose from and surrounded by glorious countryside, you will be blown away.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I ate very healthy and did exercises everyday at home. I did some research on home remedies for skin care, so I made masks from home for example: Honey, Olive oil and baking soda - Give your skin a health and shinny look. I applied the masks twice a week for about 4 months before the wedding.
I also made home made masks for my hair.
I also exfoliated my skin the night before the wedding with sweetener and a drop of water to make a paste. This helped a lot on the day of the wedding.

Wedding Elements

Our Decor was elegance, vintage and unique. Me and my mother made everything ourselves. For example:
We made our own guest thank you gifts - We bought whiskey glasses, that old plain long candles, printed out the guests names and thank you message on sticker paper and made candles for the guests with a personalized message on the candles. We ordered matches online that said "Match made in Heaven"
I made flowers from material for the chairs, serviettes and for the table plan. We bought doilies and printed on the guest's name - was part of the look and also made the table plan from an old wooden boarding.
My mother and my aunt made our wedding cake and decorated it so it could match the look and feel. For example the flowers on the cake matched the material flowers I made for the chairs and serviettes.
My brother had made our own wine. He designed a personalized sticker on the wine so that the wine bottles matched the whole image of the decor. The sticker had our initials, names and our wedding date on and the design had flowers that looked like the flowers I made of material.
We only rented fairy lights to put in one of the big trees outside and for inside the venue.
One of our family friend's owes a Protea farm, so she provided white and light pink Protea flowers for the decor at the ceremony and venue. My mother planned the flower centerpieces and the whole family help decorating the tables. The ceremony was outside, down the aisle were Protea flowers and we rented a big white wooded cross.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom wore beige trousers, jacket and waistcoat with a white shirt underneath and the groomsmen wore the same except the jacket. Everyone wore brown shoes but different styles. Their tie was a blush pink color that matched the blush pink color of the material flowers I made for the decor.
They hired their suits at Smart Men Suit Hire.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My bridesmaids wore a grey/purplish/pinkish infinity dress. We decided on the infinity dress because you can wear it in different styles and also the reason why we chose the infinity dress is because they can wear it again for other occasions and they can decide how they want to wear it for the wedding, as everyone doesn't feel comfortable in certain styles. I told them that they can pick the color they like and can decide on the style they feel comfortable in. So at the end everyone wore a different style.

Infinity Dress Boutique

Infinity Dress Boutique

The Original Infinity Dress can be worn 27 different ways, making it the perfect bridesmaid dress for all figures!

Marriage Officer

Pastor Frikkie Zeelie

My Captured Moments

Our Photographer was Photo Kru Studios - Nicole and Frank Krummacher.
They were one of the best decisions we made for making our day even more special. They are kind, generous, ordinary people that make you feel comfortable. They are fun and we enjoyed our photo shoot session so much. They are down to earth and amazing. My shoes were to big and forgot the inners, and Nicole made a plan and got some tissues and she literally put the tissues at the back of my shoes so it can fit. I also lost my garter and the wedding planner found it and Nicole also helped me put the garter on while we were sitting in front of everyone. She didn't care if everyone looked at us, she just wanted to help me. She is an angel.

And their look and feel of their photos is unbelievable. The photos have a clean, elegant and soft look. They focus a lot on detail and the photos of the detail is amazing.

We didn't use a photo booth

The Wedding Planner

Yes we did have a planner. She also is an angel. When I emailed her for inquiries regarding the wedding, she immediately emailed back. She referred me if I needed referrals. She is highly pregnant and still she helped and made sure that everything went smooth the whole day and night. She was there until 22:00 pm and only then she went home. She also helped my mom with the decor.

Wedding Transport

We hired a Beige Model T Ford. This type of model fitted in with the old world classical look.

Food & Cake

The Chef of the Venue - Mornay Fourie
My Mother and my Aunt made and decorated the wedding cake - Hannelie Scheepers & Karina Cillie

Wedding Stationery

My Husband's best friends mother - Charmaine van der Merwe

The Reception and Entertainment

No we didn't take any dance lessons. We decided to go old fashion and chose a classical and decide to waltz- "The Beautiful Danube Waltz" from Johann Strauss. We only start practicing the day before the wedding and on how to waltz as we never waltzed before. And my brother showed us. At the end when we waltz the night of the wedding, we made a mistake and started laughing and then everyone start laughing. So we tried again and got it right the second time, was also one of the highlights as it was very funny and fun at the same time.

The party was amazing and everyone enjoyed it. No one cared how they danced or if they made a fool of themselves and that was nice seeing that. Everyone was dancing and my husband's best friend start making a dance move that doesn't even exist but the move was perfect for that specific song. At the end everyone did that move and had so much fun.

We had a DJ - Rainbow Sound - Frank Immelman. He did the sound and lighting. Frank and his wife is amazing and the most friendliest people we know. Frank played amazing music and we enjoyed it a lot. We also couldn't have asked for a better DJ. He is the best.

Wedding Services Used

Infinity Dress Boutique

Infinity Dress Boutique

The Original Infinity Dress can be worn 27 different ways, making it the perfect bridesmaid dress for all figures!

De Uijlenes

De Uijlenes

With two equally unique and different wedding venues on the farm to choose from and surrounded by glorious countryside, you will be blown away.