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Belinda Hewitt

Married on Oct 20, 2017 in Gauteng


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The Honeymoon


ZANZIBAR ! Wow, what an amazing place! White beaches and clear blue water. We stayed at Uroa Beach bay resort. Good food, friendly staff and our room were absolutely stunning. So romantic, defnitely one of the best vacations I had with my husband, so far.

Wedding Gallery


My Groom And His Groomsmen

So my husband and I decided to keep the Dress and Suite a surprise for each other. I only knew what colour suite and style my Husband wore, the day I walked down the isles. Wow, i could not stop crying when I saw him. What a handsome guy. My husband wore a maroon suite and black tie with the cufflinks and brooch we had made. And I still dont know where he got his suite from :) i told you it was a secret.

My Captured Moments

My Husband was in charge of all the payments, and I must be honest, i could not have done a better job at sticking to our budget! We decised to have a Photobooth and a photographer. Pur guests were literally standing in a que to take photos at the Photobooth. I will recommend Dan from Photoboo-Thing and Francois from Faded Edges Photography, what an amazing photographer. We waited for our photos in anticipation and we were not disappointed. Looking back at our photos, brings so many awesome memories. And, even if i say myself, I actually looked good in all the photos!

Food & Cake

Riverside Castle prepared our food. From starter to desserts. This was included in our package. The food was Really really mouthwatering. My Mother-In-Law baked our wedding cake. I couldn't find a bakery who could bake the cake that we had in mind, so Mother-In-Law baked our cake, and the cake was even better than what I had in mind.

Wedding Stationery

The stationary was 1 of the first things we planned for our wedding. My Sister -in-Law designed and printed the layout of our Menu, Program, and invitations. The cufflinks, hangers, table Numbers, Cake topper, Mr and Mrs Hewitt sign, seating plan, handkerchief, Pen and the brooches were printed on wood by Ludis Crafts

The Reception and Entertainment

I absolutely love dancing. My husband on the other hand, does not. So we decided to just wing it on our wedding day (Off course i was a bit stressed over this idea) 2 weeks before our wedding, my husband ( then fiance) phoned me the Friday morning and just said that i must be ready and dressed by 7pm. So we went on our date, i had no idea where to.. He Picked me up, wearing a suite and tie. Turns out, My Husband planned this romantic " picnic and dance" date night. We danced twice on our wedding song and agreed that we are ready for our first dance!! And, my husband is a really good dancer.