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Yda van Gass

Married on Jan 13, 2017 in Western Cape


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The Honeymoon


We love South Africa and didn't have the luxury of taking 2 weeks leave either for a honeymoon abroad. Hence, my lovely husband decided that we will visit the Garden route. We always rush through the region over December holidays to avoid the holiday visitors on our way to the Eastern Cape. Now, we had the luxury to visit the beautiful part of our country without the hustle and bustle of the festive season. We treated ourselves to exclusive and luxury accommodation where we enjoyed great views, food and wine as this is what we truly enjoy and love exploring in our free time back home as well. The itinerary started with 1 night stay at Ou Bos Golf Estate, then 2 nights at Emily Moon River lodge in Plettenbergbay, which felt like we were in Zanzibar. Next up was 2 nights in Stormsrivier where we traded in the luxurious rooms of Emily Moon for a small cottage in the forest. After this we started heading back home with our last 3 nights in Knysna where we stayed at the Knysna heads. We didn't plan too much activities as we really wanted to take it slow, relax and take every little thing in of our special day.

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