Married on Jan 28, 2017 in Western Cape

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How did your love story begin?


It began in May 2013, I started my new job at WNS. I met Craig on the 31 May when a group of colleagues decided to meet up at primi for a farewell for our UK technical experts. The night was filled with laughter and dancing and he offered me a lift since he told me he lives 5 minutes away from me. Which I thought was really cool, we exchanged numbers and he asked if I'd like to go watch movies on the Sunday coming. I agreed, I remember we went to watch the hangover 3 and had supper at primi that night too. The following week we went out with a 2 of his friends, one who was to be his best man :). A week later we shared our first kiss...and we've been inseparable since then. It's the most magical feeling finding your best friend and true love...The minute I met him I felt safe and comfortable. Falling for him wasn't falling at was like opening a door and knowing you're home....

Tell us all about the proposal.


It was a week before the 19 March 2016 and I asked my husband (Boyfriend at the time) if we can go to the big wheel at the V&A Waterfront, since I've never been on it before. The Saturday arrives which was the 19 March and we went to have a quick bite at the Ferryman's Tavern. When we were nearly done, he told me he bought tickets for us to go on the big wheel. 8pm came and as we were waiting in the line, they asked us to take a quick pic and to make our way around the big wheel and not wait in the queue. Confused at the time, we make our way around to the back of the big wheel where we are told to be seated and wait a while in a fancy eating area with a TV on our left and in front us...Champagne and ice!! Thinking my hubby was just being spontaneousI didn't think anything of it at the time....Eventually we got onto one of the black window tinted cars which was VIP. I was ecstatic like a small child, the lights,the outside wharf music, the champagne was more than amazing....a few minutes later he told me he wants to ask me something....and BOOM he popped the question!! It was the perfect setting and wonderfully planned, especially since he knows I don't like being in the lime light and love anything romantic...which that night definitely was.

Magical Moments


One of my first highlights of the day was prepping at home and having the love and the happy buzz of my close family around me. When it was time for me to leave the house, I remember how one of my close friends of 23 years did a traditional African bride chant (singing) as I walked out of the house. She dared me that she would do it and the actual moment brought tears to my eyes as it was so overwhelming!! Another overwhelming and emotional moment that I'll never forget was my Dad walking me down the aisle...I got to a point where I couldn't see much because my eyes were tearing up. I couldn't hold back the tears but when we got to my Hubby at the alter it was all cleared up and I felt so calm. A big highlight of that day was that my Dad organised my Mom's ex work colleague to sing, "Butterfly Kisses" to me after my Dad did his speech. OMW what an unforgettable moment that really touched me and filled me with so much was a great surprise. There were many great moments to our special day but one of the last I'd like to mention was reception I received after my speech was done. I worked 2 months on my speech and I was so glad so many loved it and praised me for it.

The Honeymoon


The wedding night we spent at the Crystal Towers which was stunningly beautiful and had champagne and rose petals waiting for us in the bath and all over the bed. We went for a week to Pine Lake Marina and went another week to Club Mykonos. Ideally it would be our dream to go overseas for a honeymoon, but we couldn't afford it. Regardless it was still magical!

The Honeymoon


The wedding night we spent at the Crystal Towers which was stunningly beautiful and had champagne and rose petals waiting for us in the bath and all over the bed. We went for a week to Pine Lake Marina and went another week to Club Mykonos. Ideally it would be our dream to go overseas for a honeymoon, but we couldn't afford it. Regardless it was still magical!

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My 'Kim Kardashian' circlet and earrings was made by Haley Goodrich Accessories. My dress I bought from Meylea Bridal in Century city. My make-up and hair was done by Scarlett o'hair in Cape Town CBD. Bought my stunnning wedding shoes from Anella in Somerset West which was a white peep toe, with a silver bow on top. My gorgeous wedding veil was made by my friend who is a seamstress - I decided on having a cathedral veil for dramatic effect and she made it perfectly. Lingerie was bought at la senza.

The Venue

We got married at the St. Marks Anglican Church in Cape Town CBD and had our reception at the Italian Club in Rugby.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I went on an extreme and strict no carbs, no sugar diet 4 months before the wedding and lost 10 kgs. It was a magical transformation. I also went for facials and did lots of skipping to keep fit. I had my nails done at sorbet, it was light pink gel with a dash of silver glitter on top of each nail. Except for the ring finger, I had the words 'i do' written in cursive and had a diamante to dot the 'i'.

Wedding Elements

The flowers were done through a friend and they were very lovely. All furniture was supplied by the Italian club. Stage and lighting was setup by NatCan Decor and they did a beautiful job. For decor, as I previously said I created thank you cards which were tied with a small pink flower to each knife and fork. I had a 'Mr & Mrs Jones' styrofoam sign made for the main table and each guest table had their own styrofoam word as its centrepiece. I didn't have flowers for the guest table but I rented trees to use as a centrepiece which I decorated with little pink flowers and fairly lights - the glow when the lights were off was gorgeous!! The favour boxes for the guests were either a bride box or a groom box which was filled with lindt chocolate and had a personalised thank you note on the back of it. For the canape area, I had 2 chalk boards mounted on easels - one showed 'our love story' and the other was a welcome board for the reception.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groomsmen wore navy blue suits from suit hire and my seamstress friend had pink bow ties made for them which matched the bridesmaid dresses. My handsome husband wore a stunning cobalt blue suit which we bought at Truworths man, with a white waistcoat and a pink cravat.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

The bridesmaid had a simple ye elegant look, they had light pink A-line satin maxi dresses made with a touch of silver jewellery and carried a bouquet of baby's breath. The flower girls were the cutest, they wore light pink lace and chiffon high-low dresses and had a pink flower clown for their head, with cute silver pumps. They carried babies breath pomanders.

Who was your marriage officer?

Our marriage officer was Father Austen Jackson, an old family friend.

My Captured Moments

No we did not make use of a photo booth. However our photographer was Sandra and Peter Scott and our videographer was Carl Parenzee, who both did a phenomenal job.

The Wedding Planner

No I planned the entire wedding myself with help from Mom and Hubby.

Tell us about your wedding transport.

Our wedding transport was organised through my Father in law. He arranged 2017 white mercedes' for us for the day.

Food & Cake

Our food was prepared by the amazing Italian Club with the best Italian cuisine. One of my 'WOW' moments of the day was seeing our wedding cake for the first time, which was made by Florentines Cakes in Cape Town. Christa did an stunning job with the flamingo cake I ordered...

Wedding Stationery

All stationery and decor was designed by myself, including the wedding flamingo seating chart, cutlery thank you cards, centerpieces, favour boxes etc. I also personally designed the wedding invitations, which was white and laser cut, once opened had a light pink background bordered with white pearls - it was absolutely stunning!!

The Party and Entertainment

Our sound,lighting and DJ was all done by my husband's cousin who did a fantastic job and did not disappoint at all. Themusic was amazing and the dance floor was always full!!
No we did not take any dance lessons, we slow danced to our favourite love song - Turning page by Sleeping at last.

Wedding Services Used

Anella Wedding Shoes

Anella Wedding Shoes

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