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Bianca Snyman

Married on Jan 7, 2017 in North West Province


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How did your love story begin?


Well.... As my husband will say " she sms'd me ons facebook." We had a coffee date and the first time I saw him when he came to pick me up for coffee I was totally inlove with him..We never had coffee as the both of us do not drink coffee. Our love story began over a soda.

Tell us all about the proposal.


Jaco (My husband is not romantic at all) So after 2 years of dating and me constantly nagging him to be more romantic he pulled i off! He took me to his parents farm and oneday at sunset he asked me to take a walk with him(as we did everyday). We walked and walked and walked...As we came near a dried up dam I saw a table right in the middle of the dam set up with flowers and champaigne he got down on one knee with the perfect sunset in the background he proposed... Pretty romantic....

Magical Moments


Every moment was just perfect. I WAS CRYING the whole day because it was pouring rain...But when the moment came that I had to walk down the isle every bit of sadness about the rain dissapeared it was just perfect before the chapel doors opened he played me a voice recording telling me how special I am to him and that he can't wait to say yes.. That was so special. Every dance and soeach was so dear to me. Another special moment was when my dad walked into the room and saw me all in white he froze in the door and started crying and told me he is so proud of me that touched my heart. The day was so blessed absolutely perfect

The Honeymoon


No unfortunately we started working on the tuesday. We are planning to go on honeymoon in Desember.

Wedding Gallery


The Venue

At Fatherland estate in brits it was so beautiful! Many of the guests did stay the night in the rooms available

Wedding Elements

My mom did our flowers and decor everybody said it looked like a fairytale with the ligjts and flowers it was OUR perfect fairytale.

My Captured Moments

Marzelle du Preez took our pictures they were fantastic captures our special day with so much love.

Wedding Services Used