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Modern Maximalism

It is no secret that 2020 has been a tough year for so many industries but the wedding industry was definitely one of the hardest hit. Not only was it the year of many special “I Do’s”, it was also the year infamous for its postponements. As 2021 rolled in, the future seemed bright and the team at SA Weddings started the year off with a bang. It’s official, love birds! When it comes to planning your 2021 wedding, more is always more. Without further ado, we’re beyond excited to introduce you to Modern Maximalism.


This year, we’re all about embracing the unexpected and taking the leap to be bold and badass. We’re forecasting that neutral minimalism is out and bold, flamboyant wedding concepts will be making a grand entrance to take its place! From bridal fashion and hair accessories to chic tablescapes, place settings and decor, more is more and we’re saying yes a thousand times over! This is the year to play with colour, textures, and patterns to create a wedding aesthetic that will have everyone mesmerised for years to come. Let’s face it ladies, this is the year that being completely OTT is totally ok! Maximalist weddings celebrate dramatic florals, layered tablescapes, vibrant colours, eccentric patterns, and textured linens. It’s extra, everything and we are here for all of it!

The Venue

Franschhoek’s best kept secret: La Fontaine Boutique Hotel, is where Maximalist Wedding dreams are made. If the eclectic Afro-chic interior doesn’t grab you first, then the incredible surroundings and exceptional service certainly will! With a variety of spaces all beautifully decorated in the boutique hotel’s signature style, La Fontaine is the ideal property to host a grand intimate wedding with your nearest and dearest. An absolute feast for the eyes, La Fontaine offers a wealth of inspiration. The interiors speak of many travels, and hidden treasures are found in every corner of this stylish property. Once the reins were handed over to SA Weddings, La Fontaine transformed into a smorgasbord of pure wedding gold.

Maximalism is a wedding theme that is all or nothing. Like the popular saying goes, it really is go hard or go home. Pair this with artfully designed tablescapes and a dream team of suppliers, you’re left with a wedding aesthetic that will go down in history. The multifunctional venue space allowed us to create unique areas that easily flowed into one another. Not only is this a hot trend for intimate weddings but it will allow you to maximise quality time with your guests and be fully present in your special day without any unnecessary distractions.

Wedding Coordinator

When it comes to wedding planning, it certainly can be overwhelming and stressful (not to mention all of the admin ladies)! When we approached Dayna, the mastermind behind luxury wedding planning business, Strawberry Weddings & Events, we knew we were in excellent hands. It was such a pleasure for the SA Weddings team to watch Dayna in action. The creativity flowed and together, something truly amazing happened. Dayna shares her amazing insights with us below:

“As a wedding planner we take our clients vision and turn it into reality. Weddings are normally our bridal couples’ ideas that we put together. We work closely with each and every one of our clients. At the end of the day, it is their style that we put together. For the SA Weddings styled shoot we had freedom to pick and choose what décor we liked, we got to style the tables and make pretty using our own vision, ideas and creative concepts. We don’t often get to do this so it was a breath of fresh air working with a team that not only had the same vision but all brought a different aspect to the table.

Our SWE creative juices were flowing and we didn’t have to stick to specific Pinterest trends but rather we could push the boundaries and have a creative edge to think outside the box and push the limitations of wedding décor. Timeless wedding trends are the white and greenery look- it is elegant and gorgeous but we do this look often, at least once a month so it was so lovely to think outside the box and work with the SA Weddings team and vendors to create an unforgettable look.
- Dayna, Strawberry Weddings & Events

Hair & Makeup

The talented Efraine, the beauty and brains behind Evelyn Francis, is widely-known, loved and respected in the industry. We caught up with her to find out all of the intricate details behind her three striking hair and makeup looks for the Modern Maximalism Shoot.

Look 1: Strapless Dress
Annette Kemp is an absolutely beautiful bride so for the first look to enhance her already fabulous features, we went with a more natural makeup look. Not only is this “no-makeup” look very trendy, it is also suited for all faces and complexions. If you’re a bride wanting a memorable and understated look, this makeup look is a great source of inspiration. Efraine advised that if you’re leaning towards a no-makeup look effect with your makeup, ensure that your dress and accessories complement your face accordingly:

“A big ball gown will need a little more than your natural curl, mascara and a gloss lip to complete the look you want”. - Efraine, Evelyn Francis

2021 is the year of natural glowing skin but don’t be mistaken, you’ll still need the correct makeup products to achieve this look. Insider tip: Pre-skin highlighting is very important if this is the look you want to achieve. With dewy products, skin blemishes and concerns won’t be covered at their best. What you put in is as important as what you put on ladies. To keep with a more natural aesthetic, Efraine made use of a striking eye pigment with a purple and pink undertone to highlight Annette’s electrifying green eyes. As Efraine always says, “makeup is about enhancing your natural features”.

Our doting bride, Annette, not only mesmerised us with her gorgeous green eyes but with her natural, curly locks too and we were not the only ones either…
“It is not often that I get a bride where I want to stick to her natural curl. With the right products and a few touches here and there, it can definitely be a beautiful look for your wedding day”. - Efraine, Evelyn Francis

Look 2: Sequinned gown with red lip
Nothing beats an intentionally ‘messy’ up-style with a daring and sexy bold red lip. Needless to say, the ladies at SA Weddings HQ are obsessed with a red lip especially for your wedding day. Evelyn Francis went with a playful yet romantic makeup look to perfectly complement this show-stopping sequinned wedding dress.
2021 is definitely the year to emphasise the lip rather than the eyes. With so many incredible shades, adding a bold lip is the ultimate wow factor. Let’s not even mention how beautifully a bold lip photographs and how much freedom it allows you to add a bit of your personality to your overall wedding look:

“The reason this red lip, soft eye and messy hair is always a go-to is because it gives such a stylish ‘icon figure’ feel”. - Efraine, Evelyn Francis

When opting for a bold lip, keep the eyeshadow soft and take the focus away from the eye. Ladies, you can all wear a red lip but do take care and spend some time to find the correct shade for you. You want your lipstick to complement your wedding look, not take away from it. Do ensure when choosing your shade, to find one that matches your skin colour and undertone.

Look 3: Statement ball gown
If your dream wedding gown is filled with lots of detail and beautiful finishings, this hair and makeup look is an absolute must. Not only is it timeless and classic but it will allow for all of the delicate details in your dress to really have their time in the spotlight. Efraine tells us that the sleek bun is a major trend for the 2021 season. You simply cannot go wrong with this effortlessly chic look.

Keeping with healthy dewy skin, Efraine completed her striking makeup look with a darker eyeshadow tone and neutral lip. Not only is this perfect for a summer wedding celebration, it also works equally well for a winter soirée too. Of course, we’re absolutely obsessed! Ladies, keep in mind that not everyone suits a middle path and sleek bun. Ensure you check in with your stylist before committing to this hair and makeup look. You can also add a bit of personality to your bun by including eye-catching accessories. Think chic pearls, bridal hair bands, and quirky clips.

Wedding Gowns

Chanelle Cindy Bridal
Every bride wants to look and feel ethereal on their wedding day and of course, their choice of gown has a massive part to play in this. Chanelle Cindy Bridal encompasses the very essence of feeling like a goddess on the best day of your life. Chanelle Cindy focuses on one-of-a-kind pieces that exude ethereal beauty and ornate detailing. Her designs are characterised by their delicate detailing and textures, paired with whimsical, soft fabrics that evolve into breathtaking gowns that are distinctively Chanelle Cindy.

When we approached this industry leader, the process was simple and seamless from the get-go. Chanelle’s creative energy is infectious and her chic studio certainly did not disappoint. We caught up with Chanelle on her latest brilliant line, DEMURE - a beautiful collaboration with Chanelle Cindy Bridal filled with the most exquisite beading, lush fabrics and the signature couture touch this bridal house is known for:

“DEMURE was designed with the concept of giving brides all over the world the opportunity to order Chanelle Cindy designs through an interactive online ordering process. Several elements of the gown can be customised to the bride's unique preferences and then handmade using the bride's exact measurements. Essentially, it is all the glory of a bespoke gown but the process is completely simplified”. - Chanelle, Chanelle Cindy Bridal

The DEMURE Range

The DEMURE range, which is in its final stages will be launched between June and July 2021. Just looking at these breathtaking gowns, we can hardly wait! If you cannot wait a couple of weeks, the DEMURE collection can be viewed at Chanelle Cindy’s Cape Town studio. Trust us, it will blow your mind!

Chanelle continues to tell us about the three collections found in the DEMURE range:

Aery Collection
“A collection for the new generation bride. Intentional. Independent. Enhancing. This is a collection made up of Italian matte crepe in various silhouettes, with subtle touches of our different beaded applique pieces.”

Empereal Collection
“Cascading in iridescent beads, a delicate essence. This is a filled beaded collection, with two different beaded options in different silhouettes and lining colours.”

Divine Collection
“Dramatic and luxurious, this is the bride who prefers opulence. Designed to lure those in with a lavish flare. Ornate. Brilliant. Heavenly. From fully hand-beaded designs to voluminous tulle skirts, this collection really reflects who I am as a designer and is everything that I love.All our beading is designed in house and custom made by hand for each order”. - Chanelle, Chanelle Cindy Bridal

The gowns were absolutely magical and the pure craftsmanship and artistry is enough to make any bride swoon with delight. We are obsessed!

Wedding Florals

When it comes to long lasting, memorable and downright beautiful wedding flowers, Blomstories, is a business that is synonymous with show-stopping wedding celebrations. Our team, (read fans ladies!) have been in awe of Ilsé’s work since she started Blomstories. A brilliant creative, beautiful person, and gifted florist, Ilsé pulled out all the stops for the Modern Maximalism shoot. She shares a little behind-the-scenes below:

“I absolutely love colour so I just loved the concept behind this shoot. I hope that brides can get more daring with colour and shy away from the traditional green and white look. Most of the florals used were dried and dyed in a bright colour – definitely a new and exciting trend. This is also an epic way to keep a beautiful moment from your wedding day at home. Dried florals make excellent forever-lasting keepsakes, just waiting to adorn your dining room table.

By combining fresh and dried florals you can give a unique look and feel to the whole vibe. For the tables, I went for an Ikebana-style design. Although this can give you a minimalistic look, the out of the ordinary florals made the look everything but minimalistic. For the arch I wanted to create something bold and used bright colours clustered together. By clustering the same colours together, you make a bigger statement”. - Ilsé, Blomstories

The beautiful images speak for themselves!
An explosion of colour, textures and techniques, Ilsé and her talented team certainly made Franschhoek even more beautiful that day.

Wedding Furniture, Lounge Pockets & Décor

Any celebration that the team at Goeters touches always turns into pure wedding inspiration. This dynamic and incredibly creative industry leader, always knows how to add that finer touch for a memorable event. Goeters’ assortment of luxury wedding furniture and trend-setting décor, leave them unmatched in the Western Cape.

A company which thrives on creativity and love, Goeters “...specialises in the utmost imaginative creations of beautiful décor and lights for weddings and events”. For the Modern Maximalism shoot, Goeters went above and beyond to provide beautiful jewel-toned furniture, luxury tabletop décor and of course trendy wedding chairs and tables. Together with the team at Strawberry Weddings and Events, something truly magical was created. The season calls for more and Goeters is the go-to company for show-stopping wedding and event hiring. Say farewell to pared-down minimalist styles and opt for bright colours, extravagant florals, and a beautiful mesh of textures, patterns and tones. Obsessed is an absolute understatement.

Table Linens & Candles

Tablecloth Hiring
An absolute industry giant, Tablecloth Hiring , never ceases to amaze us with their wide variety of luxury napkins, tablecloths, and runners. It doesn’t matter how specific your request is, the Tablecloth Hiring company will always go above and beyond to deliver. For the Modern Maximalism shoot, it was a no brainer contacting this esteemed company.

From the get go, their team was super excited to get on board and boy did they deliver! From dazzling tablecloths to a wide variety of napkins, it certainly made the tablescapes pop! We just adore how all of the colours gelled so beautifully to create the show-stopping end result.

Candles 4U
A wedding table without beautifully lit candles just does not seem to have the same impact. That warm ambient glow adds a sense of whimsical romance that is simply unparalleled. Of course variety is the spice of life and Candles 4U are unmatched when it comes to their assortment of candles for weddings and events. From pillars to tea lights to colourful dinner candles, Candles 4U has it all.

Esmé is always such a pleasure to work with. The ordering process is so simple and the team go above and beyond to ensure your wish is their pleasured command. Candles 4U rent and sell candles in any colour you could possibly wish for making it so great if you’re looking to add a custom tone to your wedding tables. The images speak for themselves. How delightful are those brightly-toned candles standing tall amongst Blomstories’ fabulous arrangements?!

Wedding Stationery

No stranger to the wedding industry, Fiona, the owner and gifted creative behind Love Wildly Design Company has been making some serious waves in the industry. She shares her thinking behind the fabulous Modern Maximalism shoot with us:

“The idea behind the stationery and signage was to be bold, different, and a little extra. We wanted to create a look that hasn’t been seen that much before. More is more in this case! The Modern Maximalism theme and jewel-tones allowed us to really play around and get extra creative with a mix of different colours, fonts, materials, shapes, textures, and layers. We were even a bit daring with a bright neon perspex for a few of the elements!

Circles, arches and curves are a current favourite design element that is trending at the moment and we’re all about it, which is why we have this common thread running throughout the stationery elements. These curves create a different look that really tends to catch the eye. For the table menus, the idea was to keep the design simple and let the rest of the table elements shine. Since we were going for the layered look, the name cards were a separate piece combined with the menu.

When it comes to signage, there is just so much you can do! We encourage our brides to go overboard with their signage, because it can be a big statement piece that will be so memorable on the day. The combination of the white, clean hanging signage against the deep purple stand really makes it pop. The pink perspex welcome sign has a fun 3D “Welcome” which works so well with drawing the viewers attention in to read further.

We had the best time designing with fun, modern script fonts paired with a few different combinations of bolder fonts. The best part of going for a maximalist style is that you can have it all and somehow it pulls together and works so well in being totally different to the norm”. - Fiona, Love Wildly Design Company

Wedding stationery is an important part of pulling your entire look and feel together and Fiona comes highly recommended by the SA Weddings team. Her fierce designs, excellent client management and endless creativity certainly are a match made in design heaven!

Wedding Lighting

No wedding celebration is ever complete without beautiful ambient lighting. Not only does it enhance your reception space, it also adds a fabulous visual aspect that photographs so exquisitely. Lekker Trou, a family owned and run business in Cape Town, shared the following piece of advice:

“When planning a special event, your choice of lighting is one of the most impactful investments you can make to set the right mood. With the right lighting, you can inspire the right emotions and create the right atmosphere for your event”.

We certainly could not have said that any better. When Elani and her team arrived, it was nothing but joyous chatter and plenty of laughs. They created the most incredible lighting for our chic ceremony area, lounge pockets and a striking fairy light curtain - perfect for those intimate couple shots. The Lekker Trou team are professional, polite and oh so funny! They certainly made being on set just that much brighter! Offering everything from life-sized and free-standing illuminated marquee letters and numbers to fairy light curtains, festoon light strings, naked hanging bulbs, and Chinese lanterns.

Bridal Accessories

Leocé Couture
Of course no getting ready moment is ever complete without beautiful negligee and Leocé Couture certainly is no stranger to making brides-to-be feel exquisite on their big day! The luxury couture brand was born from a “desire to create luxury garments with an old-school look and a modern twist”.

Stylish and so elegant, Leocé’s modern gowns and sleepwear will have you feeling like a goddess. The brand continues to say that their clothing “provides women with a sense of elegance, style and empowerment – it makes women feel powerful and confident, while adding an elegant, feminine touch”. Who can argue with that?! Boasting a wide variety of colour combinations, patterns and prints, there is a little something for everyone including some sexy options for your honeymoon.

Nina Bosch Ceramics
Nina Bosch’s beautiful ceramics are widely loved by so many brides. Not only does it add the ultimate wow factor to your wedding look, it’s a beautiful touch of handmade art. Each piece is carefully moulded, fired and painted to create a magical end result that will be treasured for years to come.

It was a natural choice to bring Nina Bosch Ceramics into our styled shoot dream team. Her exquisite jewellery so beautifully complemented Annette’s striking red hair and the magnificent bridal gowns. Can we just take a moment for those mesmerising pearlescent details and striking blue tones?! If you’re looking to add a striking statement to your wedding dress, you simply cannot go wrong with Nina Bosch Ceramics. Your significant other will love it so much, they will be forced to whisper sweet nothings into your ear all night just to take another peek at your fabulous jewels!

Grand Diamonds
We all know diamonds are a girl's best friend but WOW, when they come from Grand Diamonds, best friend status is elevated to a whole new level! Embellished in diamonds, the rings certainly stole the show at the Modern Maximalism styled shoot. Priding themselves on making jewellery perfectly suited to their clients’ individual needs, you’ll find yourself leaving with a symbol of love and devotion, carefully crafted by a team of passionate jewellers.

The rings on show were a perfect combination of modern and classic pieces, each more beautiful than the last. The stones certainly lived up to their grand name and glistened beautifully! If you’re on the hunt for a trusted, reliable jeweller in Cape Town, you heard it here first love birds!

Wedding Cake

When you hear the words Samantha Liang and wedding cake in the same sentence, you know you are in for a major treat. With cakes that look as good as they taste, Samantha Liang always adds the WOW factor to her edible art.

When we approached Samantha, we gave her free rein to create a wedding cake that best showed off her skill and incredible sugar floral talents. Much to our delight, when the cake entered La Fontaine, our jaws were on the floor. A rich moody palette perfectly contrasted with a striking textured white fondant, this cake exuded modern bride deliciousness. The intricate handmade florals, the details in every single petal, the rich contrast in colours and hyper realistic execution, was much to admire. No stone was left unturned and even the intricate veins in the leaves were clearly visible. As creatives, we are in awe of her magical talents. This cake is truly a showstopper and suits the modern bride who adores that luxe sophisticated edge.

Wedding Cocktails

Kim Barends, the General Manager of La Fontaine Boutique Hotel, is a friendly face you will often see around the property. Her incredible hospitality and charisma is infectious. In addition to the above, Kim is also a gifted sommelier and mixologist. For the Modern Maximalism shoot, she went to town and created three amazing cocktails. Brides-to-be, adding a signature drink to your wedding celebration is a wonderful way to add that extra flair to your special day (and to be OTT of course!). Kim shares the lowdown on her magnificent creations:

“When I was first approached to do a selection of signature cocktails for a wedding, I wasn’t too convinced that this would be a hit. In the past 3 years I’ve attended over 14 weddings and fell in love with the trending gin cocktails, aperol spritzers and refreshing summery drinks and bubbly stations. How can any cocktail compete with these very popular aperitifs, which set the mood for so many wedding receptions? This idea kept me wondering: how could I create something uniquely trendy for all seasons and how could I incorporate the theme of love and weddings into it? In order to get my creative juices working, I had to re-enact a wedding ceremony in my mind. I pictured guests arriving, taking their seats and all staring at the outline of the groom in his black tuxedo, looking all dapper and confident as he awaits his beautiful bride to come down the aisle...”

The Groomsman
...This immediately made me think: I need to capture that image, which is when I started working on “The Groomsman”. At first glance it’s strikingly bold and black in colour with the contrasting layer of white froth. This is to present the perfectly manicured shoulders of the groom standing at the altar in his black tuxedo and crisp white shirt. This cocktail may look simple but the flavour of aged rum with a hint of lime as well as the aromatics of incorporated liqueurs, will deliver the confidence one needs to walk down the aisle”.

The Blushing Bride
“My next inspiration naturally came from the beautiful bride walking down the aisle in the most exquisite white dress, accompanied by the father figure giving her away. In the last moment as he lifts her veil to kiss her goodbye, one sees her rosy cheeks as she blushes when the whole room looks to see her absolute beauty and perfection on her big day. This inspired “The Blushing Bride” , which is a very elegant, fluffy white cocktail served in a coupé glass topped with blush-coloured pearls. These deliver bursts of flavour of Brut Rose Methode Cap Classique”.

My Sweet Pea
“My third cocktail was a more playful take for all the guests attending the ceremony. We all have pet names for the people we love and I wanted to use something colourful and playful for this final cocktail but at the same time stick to the theme of the wedding. I then decided to use an infusion of the blue pea flower and create a large round ice ball for this. This cocktail is gin-based and refreshing. The infusion of the ice ball creates the effect of a purple hue flowing into the transparent, beautiful, and slightly floral cocktail garnished with fresh edible flowers. We decided to name this one “My Sweet Pea” to playfully highlight the ‘punny’ terms of endearment we give our loved ones and to tie in with the romantic theme of weddings and guests falling in love again on such a romantic day”.
- Kim Barends, La Fontaine Boutique Hotel General Manager

The Photographers

Jané Ulla Photography
It is no secret that during a styled shoot, the calibre of the photographer is critical to the success of the shoot. When we approached the amazing Jané Ulla Photography for the shoot, it was nothing but smooth sailing and lots of laughs. Her captivating personality and incredible eye shone bright. As a qualified graphic designer, Jané has a meticulous eye for capturing even the finest of details and rawest of emotions.

Throughout the shoot, we so enjoyed watching Jané in action and seeing her unique styling and play on light. The love and true emotion is so evidently seen in the images and Annette and Peroy simply glistened with the radiant light of love. Needless to say, Jané left us speechless and we have no doubt that she will do the same for you. In collaboration with Matthew Carr Photography, the photography for the Modern Maximalism shoot lived up to both of their impeccable reputations, and we could not be more elated with the end result!

Matthew Carr Photography
Krystle and Matthew Carr, industry leaders and powerhouse couple, certainly did not disappoint at the Modern Maximalism shoot. A formidable husband and wife duo, both are blessed with the gift of capturing true, honest emotions and ensured the energy was always high and the creativity overflowing during the shoot. With so much beauty around us, it was difficult to contain the excitement! An absolute pleasure to work and study with, Krystle ensured no stone was left unturned and every single detail was tastefully captured in their most honest form:

“It was such an incredible experience to work alongside industry friends (new and old) to capture this bold and fierce concept”. - Krystle, Matthew Carr Photography .

Krystle is both focused and diligent in her craft. She takes care in ensuring she captures the perfect shot, a trait both Matthew and Krystle share in the production of their work. Love and passion is undoubtedly at the very centre of their business and you can see for yourself in the Modern Maximalism shoot! The delicate details, composition, and signature touch, took this massive trend forecasting shoot to the next level.

Together, they made our stunning models look effortless with their relaxed energy and clear direction. The results are absolutely mesmerising and we are completely infatuated with the bold colours, striking tablescapes and breathtaking venue. It was an absolute pleasure working with Jané Ulla and Matthew Carr Photography. We cannot wait to collaborate again!

The Videographer

A styled shoot is such a magical process. The way creative minds come together, the energy, the hustle and bustle of busy feet and the electrifying end result is the reason why we love doing what we do. Gustav Films, a major wave breaker in the industry, joined in on the fun to capture the very essence of the Modern Maximalism shoot. He tells us everything you need to know about his creative process and cinematic vision for the highlight reel:

"The way I went about filming the styled shoot at La Fontaine was similar to the way I capture most weddings. Franschhoek is such a beautiful town and capturing the landscape surrounding the venue with a drone worked best to convey this. The venue’s architectural and natural beauty made it very easy to capture the shots we wanted. From makeup and hair shots, to decor and couple shots, we could point our cameras in almost any direction and find something beautiful to work with. We captured the finer details like the running water of the fountain and the bright flowers of the arch to bring the venue to life and show how much effort is put in behind the scenes to make this place so luxurious.

What really helped was that we were working with a real couple, which meant I could give them less direction, and allow their connection to shine through without having them pose or act. The best moments for me are when a bride or groom are given time to just enjoy each other’s company, and let them forget about the cameras and world around them for a few seconds. And sometimes it helps to provide a framework for that, like asking, “Could you walk through this arch, while chatting to each other and forget that we’re filming and photographing you?”. This allows us to pick a beautiful spot, an interesting or emotionally impactful thing for them to do, and then allow the rest to unfold spontaneously.

Ultimately, I want my couples to feel like their unique story was captured in a way that makes them want to watch their film over and over. Most of all, I want them to share it with their family and friends, and one day their kids. So it’s not just about creating something timeless, but something meaningful and beautiful."
- Gustav Franke, Gustav Franke Cinematography


Grand Diamonds

Grand Diamonds

At Grand Diamonds, we pride ourselves in making jewellery perfectly suited to our clients’ individual needs.

The Tablecloth Hiring Company

The Tablecloth Hiring Company

The Tablecloth Hiring Company is a National Company with branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Stellenbosch, with agents in Port Elizabeth.

Leocé Couture

Leocé Couture

Leocé Luxury Couture was born from a desire to create luxury garments with an old-school look and a modern twist.

Jané Ulla Photography

Jané Ulla Photography

I thrive on bringing excitement, happiness and fun to any session.

Candles 4U at Functions and Events

Candles 4U at Functions and Events

We, at Candles 4U, pride ourselves in giving helpful and friendly service that will make your event that much more Special.

Strawberry Weddings and Events

Strawberry Weddings and Events

Strawberry Weddings and Events wedding planners are run by a team of highly talented, passionate and professional wedding planners based in Stellenbosch.

Samantha Liang Cake Artistry

Samantha Liang Cake Artistry

Hello! I'm Samantha. Cake Designer | Sugar Florist | Teacher

La Fontaine Boutique Hotel

La Fontaine Boutique Hotel

Step through the doors of the true-to-history exterior and into the stylish interior with modern finishes and eclectic design.

Evelyn Francis

Evelyn Francis

Nothing gives me more satisfaction then making a bride or girl more beautiful then she already is.

Gustav Franke Cinematography

Gustav Franke Cinematography

I create authentic wedding films, and would be honoured to bring your love story to life.

Love Wildly Design Co.

Love Wildly Design Co.

We believe your wedding stationery is the golden thread that ties all your event communication together in a pretty little bow from beginning to end.