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Diverse Bridal Wear

The SA Weddings team formed a collaboration with some of our incredible vendors in order to show you wonderful brides-to-be just how diverse your dress can be on your special day! We teamed up with Marnel Toerien Makeup & Hairstylist, La Belle Mariee Bridal Couture and the talented Connor Vercueil to take all the snaps of the day. This fabulous team spent the day at Zorgvliet Wine Farm, getting creative with our gorgeous models and capturing these beautiful gowns and all their attachable add ons!


Neila Gown

This fitted, ruched satin corset dress was designed to flatter any body type and may be altered with accessories to your hearts content.
The different options to wear and change the dress guarantee that this gown is one of our all-time favourites, with detachable sleeves and bow on the back. Ruching allows accentuating of the waist and gives the bride the perfect hourglass figure.
As a second dress option, add a separate box pleat satin skirt over the fitted dress for the ceremony, only to reveal of the most gorgeous, fitted dress at the reception. The tulle sleeves have beaded bridal lace at the top and satin cuffs, embroidered with bridal lace.

Allegra Gown

This corset A-line gown will make any bride swoon - covered in beaded bridal lace with sequins that flow down into the full A-line skirt. This dreamy skirt is made of layers of organza and tulle that drape into a generous train with a tasteful slit. The off the shoulder lace sleeves are detachable, making it a popular and diverse option for brides-to-be.

Serenity Gown

This dress will leave any bride feeling like pure magic. Made of Mikado satin, this ruched bridal gown is something to admire. The exposed cups are a newly surfaced trend for the more daring bride. While the Neila gown elongates the bride without the slit (or a dress with a definite waist), the Serenity is A-line, with the slit pulling attention away from the waist, while the ruching flatters any and all who wear it.

Elisa Gown

With this fit and flair wedding dress you will most definitely SHINE on your special day! Made with shiny sequins fabric, the a-symmetrical appliques are embroidered with pearls and glass beads and finished off with 3D flowers scattered around the slit and concentrated on the corset. The oversized detachable sequins and 3D flower skirt offers the versatility of having two dresses in one. Once the overskirt is removed at the reception, it looks like a whole different dress. The original dress only has a short train, to be able to move and dance freely.

Additional Accessories

Feather Boa
Only the best export 8-layer boas in South Africa straight from Oudtshoorn. This piece of timeless glamour can either be worn over the shoulders or we can double the layers to make a feather bolero; or alternatively make a feather jacket for winter wedding brides.

Satin Bolero
This one-of-a-kind jacket has no buttons or detail on the front to still show off and keep the focus of your wedding dress. The sleeve is all about the drama, being fitted on the upper arm ending in a balloon sleeve and can be richly embroidered with glass beads and pearls to add a bit of sparkle. 

You can't go wrong with a veil to complete your bridal look! This Royal Cathedral veil elegantly drapes and shines with sparkle lace all around the edges.
Tulle Ruffle Sleeve Gown
This is a stunner tulle gown with ruffle sleeves and ruffles around the hem and will ensure that your “getting ready” make-up& hair pictures will live up to your dreams.

Hair & Makeup by Marnel Toerien

There’s a reason Hollywood waves stand the test of time – they’re classic, timeless, soft and feminine. For thin/fine hair we recommend getting extensions to add volume to make sure you have the look you want. This works with all face shapes and dress necklines and shown, the bodice on this dress style is clean and won’t disrupt your curls ensuring your glammed up look stays classic. This is considered a high-maintenance hairstyle so be aware of that when thinking about having this ‘do - beading on your dress bodice as hair gets caught in the beads/sequins and pulls hair out of the wave pattern.

With makeup, SKIN HEALTH is the main focus for the coming years (we rejoice!) because the better condition your skin is in, the better your makeup will look, last, and feel. The ‘Siren Eyes’ is another trend we’ve seen becoming very popular in 2023 – extends and elevates the eye, landing it in between a wing-liner and smoky look. Add a pair of wispy lashes and *chef’s kiss* - perfection.

Another classic combination which is sure to stay for a couple of years! I love to say there’s 100 ways to do a bun and there’s a hundred more ways each day – for this look we went for the sleek low bun. This hairdo works beautifully with a high or low neckline – in this instance the clean lines from the dress is echoed with sleek bun giving a very polished look whilst also keeping you cool in our warm summer months. Paired with a beaded headband for the ceremony or party and you just shot up to princess-level.

For makeup - a little more drama on the eyes! Ladies there is nothing wrong with having smoky eyes for your wedding day if you enjoy wearing makeup – don’t let anyone tell you different. We’re seeing the neutral smoky make its return to the aisle and depending on the intensity you like go for it. Paired with a brown/nude glossy lip and you’ll play up your best features.

For the brides who want something a little more relaxed, a loose wave is a winner. Here it’s 50/50 with keeping it free or pinning it behind the ears – whatever you feel comfortable with is going to look the best. These locks can be more tight like a Hollywood wave from the back or more loose for a more natural look. This also works very nicely with beaded dresses as the hair isn’t styled to ‘stick’ in one place so you have a little more movement and freedom with your hair.

The Bronze Age is back – golds, champagne, bronze’s are a summer wedding dream – it also amplifies that glow-from-within aesthetic. It’s the closest I’d say we go to ‘natural’ makeup when presented with this idea. Brown liner elevates the eye giving it shape while being more soft than black liner (depending on what you like!) Again, the idea going forward for 2024/2025 is we’re looking better than ever post-pandemic and caring for ourselves – this is what the look emulates.

Sleek hair is making a big comeback for us all and is a style that works with any neckline. There’s a preconceived idea the hair needs to be DONE in order to be considered bridal… not true. If you feel most like yourself when having straight hair, you are winning but the key here is to have it look HEALTHY. Get a proper trim to be sure your ends are looking good and neat. Side or middle path is your choice for what works with your face shape and again, what you feel good with. And if you’re self-conscious about having fine or thin hair, a halo-extension piece is a wonderful tool you can purchase and keep re-using after the wedding.


Marnel Toerien

Marnel Toerien

Being a part of your celebration in some small way makes my work so much more rewarding.

Connor Vercueil

Connor Vercueil

I strive to capture beautiful images that encapsulates all the elements of your wedding day.



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La Belle Mariée Bridal Couture

La Belle Mariée Bridal Couture

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