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Ouma Toerien & Oom John

Photographer : Christine LR Photography
Dress : Janita Toerien
Hair and Makeup : Marnel Toerien
Flowers and Decor : Paramithi


Tell us your love story, how did it all begin?

I was living in a retirement home and John’s brother lived there too and that’s how we met. Eventually he came to visit me more often (driving from Milnerton everyday!)

How did he propose?

After knowing one another for almost a year and a half and ‘dating’ 6 months he exclaimed ‘I am available’! (Ouma het baie begin lag hier na en ek kon nie nog antwoorde kry nie)

How did you find the planning process?

Wonderful! My two granddaughters who are both in the wedding industry organised everything so I didn’t have to worry about anything! We phoned everyone about 10 days before we got married to check if everyone was available. We didn’t specifically invite a certain amount of people, we just told the family they’re welcome to come and celebrate and they can tell the other family members too. Eventually we counted over a 100 people just letting us know they’d love to join. Janita made me my own dress and organised a photographer and Marnel did my makeup and arranged a beautiful bouquet for me! Everyone contributed in some way, whether it was champagne or food, it was fantastic!

What was the most memorable and special part of your wedding day?

Our Dominee was excellent. I was were very happy because our guests enjoyed it so much, it’s great to see your entire family at this stage in your life and to see them come together for your special day.

What was the inspiration behind your wedding dress as well as the bridesmaids dresses?

I had the most wonderful wedding dress! My granddaughter Janita Toerien made it (on very short notice) and it was so beautiful! My granddaughters were also my bridesmaids and we got them pretty dresses from Poetry.

Your décor and flowers: Do you have a specific reason why you chose what you did?

I didn’t choose, the youngest one Marnel organised my flowers. She phoned the one evening and asked if there were any flowers I loved and I just said to her whatever she thinks will look pretty. Paramithi gave me a big, white bouquet of the most beautiful flowers! I even through threw my bouquet!

What song did you choose for your opening dance and why?

Our guests started singing ‘Lekker ou Jan’ because my husband name is Jan (John)

What is your favourite, will-never- forget memory of your big day?

Everyone just being happy and together in one place.

Any advice for other brides-to- be/grooms-to- be who are busy planning their big day?

All advice I can give to younger or any couple entering marriage is this: Enter your marriage happily. Love one another and share as often as possible always remember the promise you made to your spouse. It’s as easy as that.

Did you go on honeymoon and if so, where did you go?

We still have to go because we’d like to go somewhere in summer


Marnel Toerien

Marnel Toerien

Being a part of your celebration in some small way makes my work so much more rewarding.

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