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Marteli & Malan

How did your love story begin?

On a hiking trip in the Keerom mountains near Worcestor, we spent time together while hiking the beautiful mountains. Malan immediately fell in love. (From that moment Malan’s heart was set on pursuing Marteli) After the trip our tents somehow swapped which meant that the tents had to be exchanged back, but it also provided a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other better! From then on, we did many things together and really enjoyed spending time with each other.


Tell us about the proposal

As we both believe that the purpose of a relationship is to pursue marriage, we discussed our feelings towards each while we were still friends. We both knew that we wanted to get married to each other so it was not a giant leap to speak about engagement and marriage. We were just waiting for the right time to get married. By September 2016 we knew it would be soon and we got engaged!

Malan made me a ring from wire and string. We were both sitting on the steps in front of my university residence on a Friday afternoon in early spring which was one of our favourite spots to spend time together. We talked and laughed like so many times before, but on this occasion, he carried the ring he made me and sitting side by side he started speaking of his love for me. The next moment, he was on his knee and asking me to marry him! Of course I said yes!

How did you find the planning process? Did you make use of

Looking back we realize that the planning process was unnecessarily complicated and we could’ve rather supported each other’s ideas more. We only had 3 months to plan our wedding, we were both writing end of year exams at the time, and we didn’t see each other for the holiday which made planning quite difficult at some times. However, family and friends also helped a lot by taking responsibility for certain areas of the wedding which made it very personal and special.

Where did you draw your planning inspiration from?

A mixture of Pinterest, our wedding planner, wedding magazines, my wonderful mom, nature, and our own ideas.

What was the most memorable and special part of your wedding day?

The most memorable part of the day was the ceremony. Overlooking the beautiful mountains we read our personal vows to each other, took communion together and shared our first kiss; something we will always treasure

What was your wedding theme (if you had one) and why did you choose it?

We didn’t have a specific wedding theme although we incorporated a lot of leaves, wood, and nature. It had a rustic feel to it. We wanted to keep it natural and simplistic as we were surrounded by beautiful nature. Many of the things we used and did at our wedding were aimed at glorifying God

What was the inspiration behind your wedding dress as well as the bridesmaids' dresses?

For the dresses, I wanted something that was soft and flowy, elegant yet simple. I had 10 bridesmaids that were situated all over the country that made the dresses themselves with the same pattern so I wanted to keep it simple and affordable, use a style that complimented everyone and that fitted in with the beautiful nature that surrounded us.

Your décor and flowers: Do you have a specific reason why you chose what you did?

We both love nature, and we chose flowers and décor that would showcase the simplistic beauty of nature. We used a lot of leaves and wood. Because the venue is also located in quite a remote area on top of a mountain, the leaves were a more affordable and easier transportable choice. Marteli also loves “fynbos” so her bouquet and flower crown incorporated those flowers. In the end we didn’t want the focus to be drawn to these things, but rather that they compliment the wedding feast and the nature surrounding us

Did you incorporate any DIY items?

Yes, the things we, our family and friends could do ourselves we mostly did. Some examples include the wedding cake, bridesmaids’ dresses, direction signs to the venue, thank you cards, most of the décor, band for praise and worship, sound, confetti, entertainment, and welcoming gifts (cookies and rusks) on guests’ beds, to name a few.

What song did you choose for your opening dance and why?

“You are loved” by Matthew Mole. We chose this song as we always want each other to know that “you are loved”.

What is your favourite, will-never-forget memory of your big day?

When Marteli walked towards me, I realized that my bride is walking towards me and that I’m marrying this beautiful bride. Emotions were overwhelming.

The moment that I saw Malan, I was filled with such joy and contentment. He looked at me with tears in his eyes; I felt loved and experienced such peace in knowing we will be joined together in marriage.

Any advice for other brides-to-be/grooms-to-be who are busy planning their big day?

Remember to enjoy the process!! Honour and support each others’ decisions and ideas and remember what the day is about. The day is about being joined in marriage before witnesses and before God; that is the only thing that will last beyond that day.

Did you go on honeymoon and if so, where did you go?

Yes, our first two nights we spent near the wedding venue in the mountains outside McGreggor. We then travelled the Garden Route spending most of our time in Wilderness.


Cathé Pienaar Photography

Cathé Pienaar Photography

“Be a seeker. Find beauty in the smallest moments. Live inspired.” - Unknown

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