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Lisa and Anthony

We love this beautiful real wedding of Lisa and Anthony. Take a closer look into their love story!


How did your love story begin?

Our story starts in 2015 when TJ (Anthony) & I met. I work for Brannas Draught, the proudly South African, first brandy and cola on Tap! And TJ is the proud owner of Railways café, Irene, a live music& event bar/restaurant. Our first meeting was strictly business when I sold Brannas to TJ. Never in a million years did I think our paths would cross again a few years later and that we would fall madly in love and get married.

Our love story only starts in late 2017 when I went to spend the day at Railways with a friend of mine. TJ and I sparked up conversation, drank too much, spoke for hours about what we have been up to and what life has dealt us since we last met in 2015. Needless to say, we ended up falling hopelessly in love, spent most of our time with each other and the rest is history.

Tell us about the proposal

Shortly after, in March 2018, TJ popped the big question at my favourite music festival, Mieliepop. It was so romantic and like most things it didn't go as planned. Mielepop is usually the most beautiful festival with green grass and lush flowers, a stunning river with kilos and bikinis, live music and a big party! But in March 2018, it rained so much - we were knee deep in mud, soaking wet but so happy and still managed to have so much fun.

Originally TJ wanted to pop the big question just before a band Native Young (one of my favorites) would perform, but with all the rain, it didn't happen because the band couldn't get access to the venue due to all the rain and muddy roads. TJ had to improvise and asked me to be his wife on stage just before another popular band Hell Cats performed. Naturally, I was shocked, overcome with joy and after a little dance, said YES! After that we did some serious head banging with Hell Cats' performance. It was epic!

How did you find the planning process?

We found the planning process quite easy. It was easy because the venue that we booked covered the major things that required planning. We also have great friends and family that assisted us to make our day a success.

Where did you draw your planning inspiration from?’

A lot of our ideas and vibe was inspired by Pinterest. We created a board and saved all the things that we liked. Thereafter we just had to source the right suppliers who could make the ideas come to life.

What was the most memorable and special part of your wedding day?

The most memorable part of the wedding day had to be walking down the aisle. Just as I walked in with my father and bridal party, there was a little drizzle of rain caught in the afternoon sunset combined with my walk in song, it felt like a scene in a movie.

What was your wedding theme (if you had one) and why did you choose it?

We did not really have a theme, but our décor was inspired by my black diamond engagement ring. We wanted to incorporate the colour black along with gold, burgundy and a of greenery- to create a deeply romantic setting.

What was the inspiration behind your wedding dress as well as the bridesmaids' dresses?

I wanted the bridesmaids to feel comfortable and good in the dresses that they wore. I recommended the colour nude/dusty pinks etc. and gave them the freedom to pick their own style of dress. All of them looked gorgeous.
I saved a view styles of dresses on Pinterest and asked Sunique, who made my dress, to work with the important elements that I liked and she nailed the design and making of my dress.

Your décor and flowers: Do you have a specific reason why you chose what you did?

The décor was inspired by my black diamond engagement ring. Black is an odd colour to use so intensely at a wedding but paired with the right décor it worked beautifully. We used the colours burgundy, gold, black and a lot of greenery to create a deeply romantic setting.

Did you incorporate any DIY items?

Yes we did, our name card holders were made by my mother-in-law and crew as well as the groom & groomsmen brooches.

What song did you choose for your opening dance and why?

Redbone- Come and Get your Love. We love the song! We chose this song because it is such a feel-good romantic song. We can’t resist the urge to dance with each other when it comes on.

What is your favourite, will-never-forget memory of your big day?

Never forget moment…. That’s a tricky question because the whole day was so memorable. But one moment that truly stands out is when we walked out of the chapel hand-in-hand as husband and wife with I believe in Miracles by Hot Chocolate playing in the background.

Any advice for other brides-to-be/grooms-to-be who are busy planning their big day?


Make sound financial choices. Be sure to compare prices and source at least three quotes for everything.
Book a venue that is already beautiful so that you don’t have to spend so much money on décor. Décor is expensive.
Let go on your big day. You have done your planning to the t, you have done everything that you can to make your day special enjoy it! If something happens to not go according to plan, just go with it.
Have fun! it’s your special once in a lifetime day.
Bridezilla is 110% a real thing, and it’s okay to lose your shit every now and again. But, try stay calm and reasonable.
Be yourself. Your fiancé chose you, for you. There is no need to put unnecessary pressure on yourself to transform into someone you are not.
Stick within your budget means. Let the things that are not that important to you and your partner go and rather spend your money on things you really want on your big day.
Dessert is always an overkill and a lot of it goes to waste. Don’t feel to pressured to spend too much money on it.
Your fiancé is also under pressure and a little stressed. Check in on him/her to make sure they are also coping.
COMPROMISE. Meet your friends, family, suppliers and fiancé in the middle. Everybody is traying to do their best.


Be as supportive as you can months leading up to the wedding.
Be patient with your bridezilla. If you can get through the planning on the wedding, marriage will be a breeze compared to those stressful weeks leading up to the wedding
Keep speeches short and sweet, set time limits for your speekers.
Enjoy the self-calmness leading up to the wedding, because nothing will prepare you for the moment your brides walks down the aisle.
Calming tablets don’t work, Whiskey does! Have a shot of whiskey before you get married, to calm your nerves and to settle the butterflies.
Chewing gum for the smell & nerves- be sure to remove before she walks down the aisle.
Once the ceremony is done forget about the planning, just enjoy yourself with your wife.
Give yourself one day recovery after the wedding and go on honeymoon the next day.
Enjoy it- you are only getting married once!

Did you go on honeymoon and if so, where did you go?

Yes, we did Bali Baby! Bali was the most romantic honeymoon destination. Picture…breathtaking beaches and lush jungles, cocktails and spa treatments, parasailing over the Indian ocean, snorkeling in spectacular reefs, the hustle and bustle of the city, temples (a lot of temples) and getting lost in the street markets. Bali is the perfect romantic escape for your honeymoon.


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