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Megan and Craig

How did we meet?

We were such a cliché! We met at Craig’s brother’s wedding in Dullstroom – I got Craig’s attention when I stumbled in late after making the mistake of wearing heels to a forest wedding, and Craig got my attention the minute he started his best man’s speech. I left without giving him my number, but he managed to track me down anyway and now we too are getting Dullstroom. I am wearing wedges this time round.


How long have you been dating?

2 years that on one hand seem like forever, but on the other hand seem to have flown by!

How would you describe yourselves?

Again, a cliché. A perfect fit – we both have a love for people, sport, a good party and for the outdoors. Craig is the class clown, while I bring the more serious (and MUCH more organised) element.

When did he propose and how did he pop the big question?

On the 1st of May, 2017. Being a public holiday, Craig suggested we head out for a braai in the bush, one of our favourite pastimes. I couldn’t understand why all of a sudden Craig was so concerned about thorny braai spots, until he dropped down on one knee.

Why and how did you decide on an engagement shoot? Did you specifically book it or is it an extra offered when you booked your photographer?

We didn’t decide on it, it was decided for us. And boy did we get lucky with Hendrik! I won the E-shoot at a Bridal Popup Sale, where I managed to find my dream wedding dress in the space of half an hour..some things are just meant to be. Craig wasn’t actually too interested in having to pose for photos for an engagement shoot and then again on our wedding day, so he had previously vetoed this option. However, seeing as it was for free, he didn’t get much choice in the matter. In the end, I suspect that he enjoyed it as much as I did, if not more (largely thanks to Hendrik’s easy going nature).

Where did you shoot your engagement shoot and how is this location linked to you?

On our farm in Koster. Firstly, it’s home. Secondly, Hendrik got a new and different setting (and some awesome sunset shots). Thirdly, my farmer fiancé didn’t have to leave his farm. Win, win, win!

What is the theme of your engagement shoot or what is it inspired by?

No real theme, I guess. We just wanted it to be natural and a true reflection of us. Nothing fancy and something fun to do together.

Did he choose your bling or did you pick your ring together?

All him (with some help from his sister-in-law, who knows me well). They did good!

Are you making use of a wedding planner or are you planning your wedding all on your own?

On our own. Our top priority is for us and our special family and friends to just have a very happy and memorable day. Again, nothing fancy because that’s not us. We know it will be the people who make the day. So we’re trying to keep it simple and easy going.
(Plus, I am a bit of a perfectionist and like to do things myself, but that’s just a side note ;) )

Can you give us a sneak peak of what you are planning for your wedding?

In short, A BIG PARTY. We’re getting married on Craig’s family’s Dullstroom farm, with the dams as our backdrop. The reception will be in a fairylight lit tent in the forest. Some good old dancing music and a rustic theme with splashes of sunflowers will set the tone.


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