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Laura and Donovan

Boy meets Girl - how did you meet; where did the magic begin?

We have mutual friends and saw each other socially for years. The magic, however, started when I came to Laura's rescue with pecan pie after her phone got stolen in Long Street.


How long have you been dating?

We have been together for two years.

How would you describe yourselves?

We are both fun loving and quirky.

When did he propose and how did he pop the big question?

The proposal was late July and just before our first overseas holiday. I lured Laura up Signal Hill with the promise of champagne for a pre-celebration of our overseas holiday the next day. Little did she know that it was more than the champagne that was about to pop.

Why and how did you decide on an engagement shoot? Did you specifically book it or was it an extra offered to you when you booked your photographer?

Riaan West, whom had worked with Laura at a previous event, was generous enough to bless us with a shoot.

Where did your engagement shoot take place and how is the location linked to you?

Cape Town is our home and playground and we wouldn't consider having it anywhere else.

What is the theme of your engagement shoot or what was it inspired by?

The city scape – coffee, tequila and our mountain!

Did he choose your bling or did you pick your ring together?

My mother gifted me her engagement ring, which I used to propose and we designed our ring together after Laura said YES!

Are you making use of a wedding planner or are you planning your wedding all on your own?

We are doing it old school by planning the wedding ourselves.

Can you give us a little sneak peek of what you are planning for your wedding?

Nothing builds anticipation like a little mystery ;)


Riaan West Photography

Riaan West Photography

Riaan West is a Cape Town based international fine art wedding photographer who travels for local and International weddings.

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