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Kelly and Steven

Read all about Kelly and Steven's engagement shoot that took place at Deer Park in Cape Town...


How did you meet; where did the magic begin?

So we met through a mutual friend of ours. Both of us are musicians and at the time Steve was playing in my friend’s band, who I then went to watch. First time I saw Steve, I was very taken by him, but didn’t think to get his number. The next week, the same friend took me to Mercury (club) to go watch another band, and Steve happened to be there, we saw each other and recognized each other, and immediately hit it off. The next week we went on our first date and the rest is history.

How long have you been dating?

We would have been dating for 5 years in September.

How would you describe yourselves?

We are a very easy going, chilled out happy couple, with music at the centre of our relationship. We both sing and play instruments and often play together. We love surfing as well and enjoy being in and around nature. Our bond is super special and I feel we are definitely 2 of a kind; we have been through a lot together, but its only made us stronger than we have ever been.

Tell us about the proposal...

Hehe, well my other half asked my mum to help him find the ring, because he knew mum would know the exact one I would want. On Christmas day 2017, the story goes…We have a tradition in our house which is that we get stockings for each other every year, kind of like a Secret Santa stocking, so one person gets one person.

This year Steve happened to get me. Now usually we would open the stockings first, but this year they wanted to open presents first, totally unaware of what was about to happen, I didn’t think anything of it. Finally I get to the stocking, and right at the bottom of the stocking is this massive box. I look at is and wonder "mmm, what’s this", I then open this big box, to find a smaller box, and another box, then finally I get to the box the size of a ring box, I look up and Steve is on his knee’s opening the small box, he then asks me to marry him, I of course, cry like a baby and say YES ☺!! And that’s our story ☺

Why and how did you decide on an engagement shoot? Did you specifically book it or is it an extra offered to you when you booked your photographer?

It was an extra offered in the package, but I would have asked for the shoot anyway, as I think it’s part of the whole journey and it’s a reminder of what a special time the engagement is. It is the journey before the next adventure of marriage, so that’s what it means to us.

Where did you shoot your engagement shoot and how is the location linked to you?

We chose Deer Park in Vredehoek, as Duane recommended that forest. We usually go to the Tokai Forest for walks and as we love being surrounded by nature, we thought the forest would be the perfect setting. Also due to the fact that our wedding is on the beach, we wanted something different for the engagement shoot. The Deer Park was the most perfect setting and we are so grateful to Duane for introducing it to us - it’s so special and even more beautiful than Tokai forest. It was such a special morning.

What is the theme of your engagement shoot or what is it inspired by?

We didn’t really have a theme, we just wanted it to be as natural as possible and we wanted to show the love we have for each other. Love in nature is what I would call it.

Who chose your ring?

I had a bit of a say - like we would walk past shops and he would ask what I like and I would send him links every now and then. But mum and him chose together and they chose absolutely perfectly.

Are you making use of a wedding planner or are you planning your wedding all on your own?

We are definitely making use of our wedding planner, which the venue supplies to us as part of the package, so we are very lucky, although some of the bits we are doing ourselves.

Can you give us a little sneak peak of what you are planning for your wedding?

We're getting married at the amazing Strandkombuis in Yzerfontien. We are doing a casual beach wedding with friends and family, the actual ceremony will be on the beach, on the dunes overlooking the beautiful sea.

We decided to do a whole weekend. So Friday is a spit-braai with all the friends, Saturday is the wedding and Sunday is breakfast and then we set off on our honeymoon to Mauritius. The venue sleeps up to 80 guest so everyone will be staying at this gorgeous venue with us. It the most stunning venue, with the most beautiful view and the best owners and we are super-duper excited for our special day!


Duane Smith Photography

Duane Smith Photography

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