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Deodet & Brett

How did you meet? Where did the magic begin?

"It was May 2018 and I had to take pictures at Brett’s venue in Bethlehem. Chris Chameleon had a show there that night and after the show we just kept on talking till 6am the next morning. Still very happy about the sleep that I missed that night. I met my best friend and partner in crime.


How would you describe yourselves?

Very down to earth people. We both love to have a glass of wine after work and spending time with each other. Brett is more of a thinker and I am more of a talker. We both care a lot about our loved ones and taking little trips over weekends if we’re not working.

How long have you been dating?

A glorious 3 and a half years!

When did your beloved propose and how did they pop the big question?

Brett proposed on the 13th of November 2021. I had no idea what was happening. I walked into his house and there were candles everywhere and soft music playing. Seconds later he was on his knee popping the big question. I cried a lot and we were both incredibly happy.

Tell us all about the ring!

I absolutely adore my ring. It’s a morganite setting in the middle with a diamond on the side. The colour is so special to me. It is also a Beaudell Jewellery design.

What is the theme of your engagement shoot or what is it inspired by?

We are so blessed to be friends with Lara and Walter who took our photos. Their style is inspired by nature. So we wanted to keep it as natural as possible. Being a photographer myself they made the whole experience so comfortable for us. It can be weird to be on the other side of the camera and we had such a great time.

Where did you shoot your engagement shoot and how is the location linked to you?

It’s a nature reserve just outside of Bethlehem, Free State. The view is to die for. They know the location so well and it was just an obvious pick for us.

Why did you choose your photographer? Give us the details!

We worked together on many weddings, we became such good friends over the years. We didn’t think twice to ask them to do our engagement images. I think sometimes the client doesn’t always know the photographer and it can become uncomfortable. We were lucky enough to be very good friends!

How did you find the engagement shoot process? Are you glad you did it?

It was super easy. We had so much fun while taking our pictures and we were so lucky to have a sunny day because it seems to never stop raining in our area lately. I mean, look at those pictures… The sunset was PERFECT!

Are you making use of a wedding planner or are you planning your wedding all on your own?

Because I’m a wedding photographer most of my friends are also working in the wedding industry so I get a lot of good advice from everyone and I am lucky enough to have two wedding planners at the venue that we chose (Lavender Hill Country Estate).

Can you give us a little sneak peak of what you are planning for your wedding?

I think our wedding is going to be one big dance party, lots of fun music and delicious food. We want everyone to have a great time and we asked our guests to wear all black. Decor will be lots of soft tones and a splash of black here and there. We are so excited!


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