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Your Wedding Dictionary- Decoded!

The team behind Aleit Weddings have given us the inside meanings of the most used words within the industry. So -here's your guide to understanding wedding coordinators lingo!


What's a Canapé?

A bite sized portion of food that is usually served at your pre-dinner, just before your wedding reception. It's a tasty snack to tide over your hungry guests. You will require a selection of canapés from hot to cold and a variety of protein and vegetarian options. You are normally recommended to select 4/5 as a minimum and you're able to choose these from a menu tasting from your venue.

What's a Plinth?

You might not have come across this word while planning your special day but all in all, a plinth is a wooden box that is painted and stands about a metre high. They tend to be tall and have a 50cm by 50cm surface area. They make brilliant wine stations, cake stands and podiums for your jittery MC! We love the look of these fancy-version plinths below!

What's a Lounge Pocket?

A lounge pocket is a grouping of furniture in an area that normally consists of a couch, two chairs, a coffee table, a few side tables and a couple of ottomans. Your average lounge picket will seat 10 people comfortably.

What's a Bedouin Tent?

A bedouin tent is, in essence, a stretch tent that has a boho feel to it. They come in a select two colours of white and beige and can be erected (anywhere even on an uneven surface) A bedouin tent is your cheapest and easiest form of coverage from the elements. Beware and keep watch of the winds though, as you will won't be able to erect your bedouin tent in winds reaching 60km per hour.

What's a Marquee?

Unlike a bedouin tent, a marquee is a solid structure. Think of it as a temporary home, its built from the ground up. It has a silver frame, glass or pvc sides. It has to have a flat or level surface and if it doesn't, the ground will have to be levelled. If you're looking to have your celebration in a marquee, it will take about a week to erect and definitely requires air-conditioning! One thing to remember is that a marquee is not a budget-friendly expense.

What's Intelligent Lighting?

Intelligent lighting is supplied by your sound company, it mainly consists of your dance floor lights and your mood lighting, it's all the technical lighting involved in your wedding.

What's Decorative Lighting?

Decorative lighting consists of all your fairy lights, chandeliers, naked bulbs- it's all the pretty elements that create and add ambiance to your special day.