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Your Bridal Edit: The Ultimate Planner For Brides-To-Be

We've recently joined forces with Alexa Lily, creators of the cult Your Weekly Edit Planner, to create and launch a comprehensive bridal planner for brides-to-be. Your Bridal Edit is a first in the South African market and contains all the necessities a bride-to-be needs to plan her big day.

Your Bridal edit allows brides-to-be to beautifully capture all their wedding to-do lists and essential planning information in one book that will last a lifetime.


What can you expect from Your Bridal Edit?

− Invaluable advice from top wedding industry professionals
− Undated, calendar year planner (use Your Bridal Edit anytime of year - right when you get engaged!)
− Monthly Wedding To-Do check-ins
− A large space on every Weekly spread to write your Wedding related notes and to-do's
− An incredible MY WEDDING divider with all the content, checklists, and things to remember that you might need to plan your wedding (think space to write down your Bridal Party names and measurements, your Service Providers' details, a two page spread to plan your Wedding Budget, helpful advice on putting together your Seating Arrangements, space to write down your important Wedding Songs, and many many checklists that you never knew you needed

Your Bridal Edit can be purchased through the Alexa Lily online store