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Winter and Mid-week Wedding Advantages

Many of us dream of a perfect sunny, summer’s afternoon wedding, sipping ice- cold G & Ts on lush lawns somewhere out in the Winelands. These Pinterest-like concepts of the ‘perfect’ wedding often allow us to forget how romantic winter weddings can be. During these uncertain times, perhaps you have had to postpone your wedding date or are considering a winter or midweek wedding in order to save on your wedding budget, either way we absolutely love the idea of a winter wedding.

It goes without saying that there are well known pros to having a winter or mid-week wedding. We have reached out to some of our industry experts to provide a helping hand as you plan or restructure your special day.


Let's start at the beginning

Let’s start with the most daunting task: we know that changing your initial wedding date is incredibly stressful, where do you even begin?! Founder of the beloved Strawberry Weddings & Events, Dayna Viglietti, gives us a quick guide to rescheduling your wedding from a wedding planner’s perspective:

Step 1
Contact all your wedding suppliers before you contact your wedding guests to confirm a new wedding date that all your chosen wedding suppliers are available to assist

Step 2
If you have a wedding website , once you have a new confirmed date adjust your website accordingly.

Step 3
Email all your wedding guests with your updated details/ updated wedding website. You now have an opportunity to invite all your wedding guests, even the guests that originally couldn’t make it and declined your RSVP

Step 4
Brainstorm your wedding décor overall look and feel, if you have decided to change your wedding date to the winter months, Dayna recommends reevaluating your wedding floral and décor. Focus on more candles and lighting, set aside budget to hire in heaters and blankets to keep your wedding guests warm.

Over to the fun stuff: DECOR DECOR DECOR!

Many brides will have to consider winter wedding dates and this is by no means a bad thing! Sweating is overrated anyway. Winter weddings seem to have that extra element; the warm tones, jewel colours and romantic atmosphere. Choosing to have a winter wedding gives you the freedom to create a truly whimsical indoor winter wonderland experience.

Theresa Lazarevic, from the ever amazing Creation Events, suggests that when planning your decor, sometimes allowing the planner some freedom results in some pretty spectacular stuff, for example, instead of requesting a specific type of flower that might be out of season, rather request a specific colour instead. Cymbidium Orchids are generally in season during the cooler months and come in the most amazing variety of colours. You also don’t necessarily need a venue with a fire place, instead you can create a magical warm glow by introducing lots of candles on your dinner tables. Not only does it look beautiful but you will instantly warm up the room. Arrange a few baskets filled with blankets and hot water bottles. Make sure to add a note for guests to leave them behind at the end of the night so that you can donate them to a shelter after your wedding.

Dayna Viglietti from Strawberry Weddings and Events can’t think of anything more romantic than rain trickling down the windows, fire place lit, candles burning and the lighting dimmed. Not only can you save costs by only serving red wine as red wine drinking is associated with winter weather, but your floral and décor budget will be more cost effective as you can focus your attention to lots of candles and lighting. Dayna adds that deciding to have your wedding mid-week will definitely reduce the venue hiring fee without a doubt!

Beautiful images from Lauren Pretorius Photography for a wedding coordinated by Trunk Events


Warm up your guests by serving gluhwein. Gluhwein not your thing? What about a coffee and hot chocolate station, you could even include some Irish coffee to get the festivities started. Serving a hearty winter soup like butternut is probably one of the most cost-effective starter options in any menu selection. By simply adding some fresh warm home-made or artisan bread or adding a beautiful winter harvest table you will definitely have a winner starter to kick off your dinner.

And now, to our favourite part: Winter fashion!

We spoke to the incredibly talented and fashion-forward- thinking image consultant and designer, Nicole Vogel. With the cooler temperatures of a winter wedding, style does not have to be sacrificed for warmth.
When choosing a wedding dress, it’s important to get the elements of style right, meaning, you want to find the correct neckline, silhouette and shape for your body and even looking for the correct white for your skin tone. Throw winter into the mix and you have the elements of the season to consider too.

Winter wedding dresses will usually have a heavier fabric, longer sleeves, and commonly incorporate layers in the dress itself, or with accessories. With all of that considered, you can also look to the 2020 winter wedding trends for inspiration. Nicole has shared some of her seasonal trends’ wisdom with us that can elevate your look for your big day:

Long Sleeves

Sleeves are always a good idea in the cooler temperatures, and they can look incredibly chic and elegant when done with lace embroidery. A top trend this season is tattoo lace which creates an illusion sleeve with embroidery down the arms. This can be carried into the bodice for a cohesive look. Consider small details such as crystals in your lace, that will catch the winter sun. If you want to create a bit of drama, another trend to consider is the Blouson sleeves. This billowy sleeve makes a statement and can show off a bit of personality. It is a simple design difference that will flatter any bride.

Texture & Tiers (the good kind)

Although South Africa doesn’t bring snow in the winter, it can still get quite chilly, which means a faux fur shawl or collar can bring an element of glamour and will be perfect for any outdoor ceremony. As it is not part of the dress, it will be easy to remove when you’re dancing the night away indoors. You can also use it as an opportunity to incorporate colour and texture into your look if you’re looking for something different.

Layers are an essential for any winter, so try a tiered wedding dress. Creating a princess silhouette, stunning texture and on the plus side - warmth.

Capes & High Collar

A simple, yet elegant design component that can double up as a veil.

A high collar is a super chic design for a wedding dress and can look stunning in embroidered lace. Team with a beautiful winter red lip and you will be serving all kinds of elegance. Before committing to this trend, ensure you know your body type and neck length. It is also important to know that every trend should be worn only if it truly suits you. It’s the one outfit you do not want to regret. Summer may steal the show when it comes to weddings, but I love how a winter wedding allows you to get creative and make bold decisions when it comes to the bridal wear and accessories (You will also hear a lot less moaning from the men having to wear a full suit when it’s a bit colder outside)

Start your winter wedding journey by understanding your style and colour and dress to suit your body shape and personality, the rest will be a piece of cake, wedding cake.


As previously mentioned, hosting a magical winter or midweek wedding is often much more cost effective than a summer soiree. With incredible discounts, a much better selection of available dates and increased supplier availability we see so many advantages in shifting your wedding to a midweek date or to the beautiful winter months.

We have put together a list of amazing specials for your perusal HERE!


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